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Canada: "either over the stadium or gate": Castro annoys the VFB

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with the 2: 2 against Fürth Bielefeld has remained undefined for the fourth time in a row - the Arminia has also overtaken the VFB Stuttgart in the table. Responsible for this: just Gonzalo Castro.

Umjubelter Mann: Gonzalo Castro (Mitte) hat das finale 2:2 gegen Fürth erzielt. © Getty Images Umbarried Man: Gonzalo Castro (middle) has achieved the final 2: 2 against Fürth.

at 2: 2 against Fürth Bielefeld stays late and remains undefeated

for the fourth time, the numbers to show Gonzalo Castro after his 15-minute short-term use on Sundayend, could be seen: a Goal shot template, two separate degrees and above all a goal , the Arminia Bielefeld against the table in Fürth at least brought a point win.

Klement Before switching to the lower house - Hannover Flashes from

 Klement Before switching to the lower house - Hannover Flashes from Philipp Klement, the VFB Stuttgart is apparently left in winter after two and a half years and switch to the second league. © Provided by 90min Philipp Klement | Alexandra Beier / GettyImages The image reports that KLMENT stands in the VFB Stuttgart prior to farewell. Accordingly, a second division will grab the services of the firefight midfielder - which associations it is not out of the report. It only stands that it will not be Hannover 96 .

Castro had been unimaginative for half a year, against the Fürther clover she was used for the second time as a joker, for the first time he took a crucial role. And even if the Arminia had promised against the Fürther than just a draw, Castros had a good news.

"The game has no longer been found. "(Gonzalo Castro)

as the 34-year-old later stood at the Dazn microphone, he said," Ultimately, we can be satisfied with the point because the game has no longer been given. " Bielefeld had given significantly more door screens (13: 6), Nevertheless, Fürth had been the better team over long distances.

in the final phase it was then Castro, who brought the game association with his goal around the first away win of the season. "Either he goes over the stadium or the gate," said the Routinian to his precise left-hand shot from the second row, with which he sent his ex-Club VfB Stuttgart to a direct descent.

On Saturday, the Swabia had lost 0: 2 against RB Leipzig, the next day, Castro continued one on it - by preserving Bielefeld before the eighth defeat and replaced another setback of the VFB.

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