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Canada: North America: The United States and Canada at a winter storm

Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft

  Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft The St. John's Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft, complete with Canadian passports. Want to stop goals? Try towering goalkeeper Luka Gavran, a Hamilton native who stands between 6-5 and 6-6. Need to score goals? How about dangerous forward Tani Oluwaseyi of Mississauga, Ont., the 2019 Big East Offensive Player of the Year. Gavran and Oluwaseyi were part of a global Red Storm team that featured talent from Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the U.S. Other Canadians on the squad were Toronto defender Matt Chandler and Ottawa forward Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau. St.

More than 130,000 American fireplaces were deprived of electricity in the middle of the afternoon, Monday.

  Amérique du nord : les Etats-Unis et le Canada sous le coup d'une tempête hivernale © provided by FranceInfo

Eastern United States and Canada are still experiencing the effects of a wingspan winter storm. Important snowfall caused vast power outages: more than 130,000 US homes were deprived of electricity Monday in the middle of the afternoon, according to the website.

The winter storm warning remains in effect through seven states, from North Carolina to the south-east of the country, in Maine located in the extreme northeast. "The major winter storm that has been on the country's third party will slowly be reduced today," said National Weather Service (NWS), National Meteorological Service, in a Tweet Monday morning. But "major effects due to snow, ice, wind, and coastal submersion will persist through a wide area."

5 plants that are already blooming in January

 5 plants that are already blooming in January flowers in the middle of winter, in the garden and not on the windowsill: this is by no means magic! Because these 5 plants bloom in January, bring color into the cold season and increase the anticipation of spring. flowers and frost do not fit together? And whether! While the rest of the garden is still resting, the following five plants show themselves from their most beautiful side and defy the frost with delicate flowers.

Winter Storm Warnings In Place Across Several States and Officials ARE Urging People to Stay Off The Road, AS Some Areas Could See an accumulation of snow, ice and possible Coastal Flooding. #izzy #winter #winterstorm #snow #cgtnamerica

- CGTN America (@cgtnamerica) january 17, 2022

in the air, more than 1,600 interior or international flights have Already canceled in the United States Monday, down however, compared to the more than 3,000 flights canceled the day before.

Several zones of Canada under Blizzard

alert in Canada, some areas of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario were placed on alert Blizzard, such as Toronto, the largest city in the country, and Ottawa, the capital, according to the site. Weather information from the Canadian government.

Many schools closed in Quebec and southern Ontario, while a "total accumulation of 40 to 60 cm" is expected until the evening in Toronto, according to the same site. The five vaccination clinics managed by the city of nearly three million people also suspended their operations for the day.

in Toronto, 201 flights from the beginning or arrival of Pearson International Airport had to be canceled, representing more than half of the traffic.

What is it on myth of winter fatigue? .
often referred to the general drowsiness in the cold season as "winter fatigue". But is there really a bit of it on this name or it's just a pleasant excuse to spend more time in bed? © iStockphoto Winter Tiredness - a real phenomenon or just a myth? Istockphoto When the days will be shorter, we like to make it comfortable at home. Since you like to call yourself on the so-called winter fatigue.

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