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Canada: Julian Lennon allows the NHS to use the 'Help!' Song for a campaign on Mental Health

Quebec curfew taking toll on women facing violence, people with mental health issues

  Quebec curfew taking toll on women facing violence, people with mental health issues MONTREAL — The Quebec government said it introduced a curfew as a common sense way to reduce COVID-19 transmission and ease pressure on hospitals, but women facing violence, young people and low-income residents say the health order has left them behind. Quebec is the only province in Canada that has imposed a curfew during the pandemic. After forbidding Quebecers from leaving their homes at night for almost five months in 2021 — between January and May — Premier François Legault reintroduced the order on Dec. 31, banning people from being outside without a valid reason between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The son of John Lennon finds this title very suitable for this campaign.

John Lennon © Bang Showbiz John Lennon

Julian Lennon authorized and supports the NHS in his business to use the words of the song 'Help!' Beatles as part of a campaign around mental health.

The son of the late John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon find that this title is perfectly appropriate because he explains that it is the most "honest" song that his father has written.

In a statement, Julian said, "By putting aside the fact that this song is great, I think the title 'Help!' Is one of the most honest songs that my father has written with the Beatles. The lyrics show very well that he asks for help because sometimes he could be depressed ".

He added, "Using this song through the NHS will remind people that everyone is likely to see his mental health change and that will help people reduce hesitation about looking for assistance. The title 'Help!' Was written by the Beatles singer and recorded in 1965 before becoming the eponymous title of the album.

In an interview for the Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, the English artist had entrusted that this title 'Help!' And 'Strawberry Fields Forever' were the two most authentic songs he had created.

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