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Canada: TV star Henny Reents: That's why the Berlin actress for a Chinese to the "eco-mum"

Ex-Head of Anti-Terror Unity in Xinjiang is military commander in Hong Kong

 Ex-Head of Anti-Terror Unity in Xinjiang is military commander in Hong Kong Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed the former head of an anti-terror special unit in Xinjiang to the new commander of the Chinese army in Hong Kong. General Major Peng Jingtang, Deputy Staff Chief of the Armed VolksPolice, a paramilitary police unit, will lead the Hong Kong Garrison in the future, reported the official Chinese news agency Xinhua on Sunday.

after the supertolerious cinema family in "Welcome to the Hartmanns" of Simon Verhoeven we may now experience the opposite in the comedy at the Kurfürstendamm in the Schiller -Theatre. There, on January 30, "Chinese" premiere. In the middle and on the side of Thomas Heinze is Henny Rents - as a strict, but Treusorgende housewife, who has their family with regional and meatless meals. The courier wanted to know more.

  Fernsehstar Henny Reents: DARUM wird die Berliner Schauspielerin für einen Chinesen zur „Öko-Mum“ © Provided by Berliner Kurier

Berliner Kurier: How do you get it that your stage figure Gwendolyn comes over at all the strict still adorable?

Henny Reets: You basically want to make everything very good for your family. This is not bad for that. That is, it was important for me to work out the ambivalence of the figure.

John Ivison: Canada risks China's wrath with overture to Taiwan but so be it

  John Ivison: Canada risks China's wrath with overture to Taiwan but so be it Most Canadians want less trade with China but worry about the economic cost of taking a stand against the bullies in Beijing. A new poll by the Angus Reid Institute suggests that three in five Canadians support measures such as the diplomatic boycott of next month’s Winter Olympics but are concerned about negative economic consequences. Those fears are justified, judging by China’s track record of economic coercion, most recently an unofficial trade ban on the Baltic state of Lithuania.

To what extent could you scoop out of your own nature?

For some roles, there are already parallel to my own life. But in this case it was different, and for me is the beautiful and interesting in the piece "of the Chinese", the figure in her Gutschen-existence mercilessly overlapped.

So you do not belong yourself to the legendary bionade bourgeoisie. Do you live largely ecologically correct?

I try it as good as it works. Driving bike, take a train, avoid unnecessary flights, and I do not have to eat meat every day ... there is just this one planet.

in the "Chinese" by Benjamin Lauterbach stuck a lot of contemporary references. Do you think we move to a world without cars, smokers, phones and maybe without a EU?

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Incredible stories about our world's fearless explorers

  Incredible stories about our world's fearless explorers The world wouldn’t be what it is today without the fearlessness of its most intrepid explorers, who have gone beyond borders and faced abominable conditions to find out a little bit more about our planet. From legendary explorers who risked their lives in the name of adventure to modern-day voyagers who have broken seemingly impossible world records, here's a look at some of the world's most courageous explorers throughout the centuries

I just hope that in the future some things improve. Because: Who has something against car-free inner cities and healthy air? I would like that. However, I think England did not necessarily have a favor with it from leaving the EU.

How much fun do you make the game with Thomas Heinze, which you can see as well as never on the comedy stage?

Thomas is just great! It really fun, even overall with the whole team. The director Daniel Krauss manages to create a good and creative working atmosphere. And at the moment we study a few songs with the singing coach ... I'm really looking forward to the theater every day.

The Chinese of Benjamin Lauterbach with Thomas Heinze, Henny Reets, Maximilian Diehle, Anna Julia Antonucci, Michael Child, Kirstin Warnke and Yu Fang has premiere in the comedy on the Kurfürstendamm in the Kurfürstendamm premiere in the Kurfürstendamm. Tickets are available from 16,30 euros in the ticket shop of the Berlin courier.

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OJ 2022. China asks the United States to "stop disturbing" the Beijing Olympic Games .
© Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP Chinese Minister Wang Yi, called the United States to " Stop disrupting the Beijing Olympics. This Thursday, China, via its Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, called the United States to "stop disrupting" the Beijing Olympic Games, which will begin on February 4th. The US announced a diplomatic boycott of winter Olympics in China.

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