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Canada: Côte d'Ivoire: Simone Gbagbo wants to be invited to the dialogue between power and opposition

Mali: Assimi Goïta pleads for a return to dialogue with the Cédaeo

 Mali: Assimi Goïta pleads for a return to dialogue with the Cédaeo © AFP / Michele Cattani The Malian Colonel Assimi Goïta gives a press conference in Bamako, September 22, 2020. after breaching retaliation measures to sanctions From the West African community, the Chief of the Malian Juntus, Colonel Assimi Goïta, played the appeasement, Monday, inviting the regional organization to dialogue and calling his compatriots in peace and "resilience". After the Riposte, the call for dialogue.

Simone Gbagbo le 25 septembre 2021 à Abidjan lors du lancement de son mouvement Génération capable © SIA Kambou Simone Gbagbo on September 25, 2021 in Abidjan when launching his movement Generation capable

The former first Ivorian Lady Simone Gbagbo has Wednesday asked to be invited to the political dialogue between the government and the opposition that must resume Thursday, calling the executive to associate more actors.

"All the strong forces of the nation", must be associated with the political dialogue, she argued, at a press point that gathered several political organizations and civil society that did not have been invited.

The dialogue between power and the main opposition parties had briefly resumed on December 16 before being interrupted to leave the different actors more time to make proposals.

Ukraine: After Geneva and Brussels, the dialogue continues at the OSCE in Vienna

 Ukraine: After Geneva and Brussels, the dialogue continues at the OSCE in Vienna © AFP P Lace at the third and final sequence of an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a conflict in Ukraine : The Permanent Council of the OSCE meets Thursday in Vienna to continue the dialogue between the Russia , the United States and their European allies.

This dialogue aims to describe the political climate after the election violence of the October 2020 presidential election that had made 85 dead and 500 wounded.

If with the peaceful legislative of March 2021 and the return three months after Laurent Gbagbo in Côte d'Ivoire, acquitted by international justice, several signs of appeasement are perceptible, certain points of tensions remain.

At the end of December, the Prosecutor of Abidjan Richard Adou had indicated that several opposition figures were always prosecuted for the electoral violence of 2020.

The two main opposition courses, the Democratic Party of Côte d'Ivoire (PDCI) From the former President Bédié and the Laurent Gbagbo African Peoples Party (PPPA) had then interviewed "on the sincerity of political dialogue".

A 'voice for change,' actress and former city councillor Sonya Biddle dies at 64

  A 'voice for change,' actress and former city councillor Sonya Biddle dies at 64 The eldest daughter of the late jazz bassist Charlie Biddle has died of cancer. A champion of arts and culture in the city and a fighter for the underdog, she is remembered by her husband as a woman who played every role "with passion and panache."Biddle, the daughter of renowned jazz bassist Charles Biddle and his wife Constance, was a champion of arts and culture in the city. Charlie Biddle, who died in 2003, was involved in founding Biddle's Jazz and Ribs on Aylmer Street, which later became House of Jazz.

For its part, Simone Gbagbo welcomed this dialogue on Wednesday as a "salutary" approach and called for the drafting of a new constitution.

"This constitution is not consensual, it has exacerbated the tensions and more divides the populations," she said, with reference to the deadly violence that have enamelled the re-election of Alassane Ouattara in 2020, for a third term controversial. It also wished to set up a truly independent electoral commission in which members do not belong to political parties or government.

amnated by Ivorian justice in 2018, Simone Gbagbo no longer pursued for crimes against humanity in the 2010-2011 crisis by the International Criminal Court since last July.

It gradually performs its return on the political scene: since last September, it is the godmother of the "Capable Generations Movement", a platform bringing together its movements of support.


Rwanda reopens its border with Uganda, closed for two years .
© AP (archive) A Rwandan border, here between Congo and Rwanda, Thursday, August 1, 2019. The Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, Friday, reopening, in three days, from the main border post with Uganda. Closed since February 2019, Gatuna is a large terrestrial trade route. The thaw relations between the two Neighbors of East Africa is concretized.

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