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Canada: a otter from Europe captured by a photographic trap of the LPO of the Ain

Ukraine: After Geneva and Brussels, the dialogue continues at the OSCE in Vienna

 Ukraine: After Geneva and Brussels, the dialogue continues at the OSCE in Vienna © AFP P Lace at the third and final sequence of an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a conflict in Ukraine : The Permanent Council of the OSCE meets Thursday in Vienna to continue the dialogue between the Russia , the United States and their European allies.

La loutre d’Europe, une espèce très discrète et difficilement observable, a été aperçue par la LPO de l’Ain, en décembre 2020. Photo d’illustration. © No-Longer-here / Pixabay The otter of Europe, a very discreet and difficulty observable species, was seen by the LPO of Ain, in December 2020. Stock Photo.

Thanks to a photographic trap, the LPO of the Ain was able to observe a otter of Europe at the level of a barrage near the municipality of Poncin, in December 2021. The animal had not been seen only from Very rare times.

A otter of Europe, a very discreet and hardly observable species, was seen by the LPO (Bird Protection League) of Ain, last December. A photographic trap had been installed in the Gorges of the Ain River, near the Allement Dam, up to the town of Poncin, reports France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes , this Thursday, January 20, 2022. The otter of Europe lives in the sector, it has not been observed for several years, has specified the LPO. Usually, this one leaves only a few traces of its passage near streams, sand and wetland, indicates the local chain.

Yukon Quest 300 racecourse changed over COVID-19 restrictions

  Yukon Quest 300 racecourse changed over COVID-19 restrictions This year's race starts in Whitehorse and follows the Yukon Quest trail to Braeburn then it goes on to the north end of Madanna Lake. This checkpoint will serve as the halfway point turnaround. "We regretfully have had to re-route and decline the hospitality of the communities of Carmacks and Pelly, and the homesteads of Stepping Stone and McCabe," states a news release from race organizers. The Yukon Quest is an annual event held in February normally stretching about 1,600 kilometres between Whitehorse and Fairbanks, Alaska. Last year, the event was cancelled on the Canadian side because of the pandemic.

A special trail created in 2015

The path on which it was seen had been traced by the association itself in 2015 in partnership with EDF Hydro. This path, intended to make ecological surveys near hydroelectric dams, allowed many animals that occupy this area to cross the works safe, explains France 3.

"It shows the importance of the natural areas managed durably, real Living places for wildlife » said Francisque Bulliffon, territorial director of the LPO of Ain. The otter of Europe is one of the species particularly impacted by EDF facilities on rivers and hydraulic retainers, detail our colleagues. The photographic trap had been put in place in order to study them, note our colleagues.

COVID-19: The three checkboxes to lift all sanitary restrictions .
© Pascal Pochard-Casabianca / AFP Will France follow the same path as Denmark? Will she raise her sanitary restrictions from February 1st or in the coming days? Professor Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Geneva Global Health Institute was the guest of Europe Midi Thursday to evoke this potential decision. The Denmark , which knows how France a record number of contaminations at COVID-19, lifts sanitary restrictions from February 1st.

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