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Canada: The Nobel Literature Prize Gabriel García Márquez had a secret: a hidden girl

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L'un des plus grands noms de la littérature du XXe siècle, l'auteur de © Yuri Cortez / AFP One of the biggest names in the literature of the twentieth century, the author of "one hundred years of solitude" and price Nobel literature, Gabriel García Márquez, had a secret: a hidden girl out wedding, today aged 31 years old. These are the revelations of a Colombian journalist, eight years after the author's death.

It's a well kept secret until now. Eight years after his death, a Colombian journalist reveals that the famous writer and Nobel Prize of Literature Gabriel García Márquez had a hidden girl, a jalously secret guarded by her loved ones.

A secret discovered by a journalist

today, Indira is 31 years old and is a film producer. She is the daughter of Susana Cato, a journalist who had interviewed the writer and collaborated with him to the writing of scenarios but above all maintained an extramarital relationship.

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A little before his death, the Colombian journalist Gustavo Tatis hears about this rumor. In his article entitled "A Girl: The best guarded secret of Gabriel García Márquez", Gustavo Tatis explains to interviewing the master's biographer, a few members of his family and his best friends. The rumor is confirmed, the Nobel price of literature has indeed a hidden girl.

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but by respect for his wife, with whom he remained married for almost fifty years, the journalist shall keep the secret in turn. He will wait for the death of Mercedes Bacha occurred in August 2020 to make these revelations.

The Nobel Prize for Literature had one day delivered this enigmatic sentence: "Any writer has three lives, a public or private and a secret."

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