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Canada: Ukraine: Russia and the United States discuss Geneva, ultimate attempt to defuse tensions

Trudeau warns of more Russia sanctions amid Moscow military buildup near Ukraine

  Trudeau warns of more Russia sanctions amid Moscow military buildup near Ukraine OTTAWA — Russia may face further Western sanctions as a consequence of its military buildup on the Ukrainian border, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday. And Trudeau appeared to confirm that Canada will renew its modest commitment of 200 Canadian Forces personnel to a military training mission in Ukraine, amid rising tensions between the West and Russia. The Ukrainian government has been waiting on Canada to publicly renew the commitment, set to expire at the end of March, as part of show of NATO solidarity toward Russia at a time of rising tensions.

An last hope to try to defuse the Ukrainian crisis ?

The leaders of the American and Russian diplomacy gave themselves a handful of hours Friday in Geneva to avoid the climbing of tensions, Washington suspected Moscow to want to invade his neighbor despite threats of heavy reprisals. The meeting between Sergei Lavrov and Antony Blinken in a palace on the edge of the Léman is the last step of two of an intense diplomatic ballet who had begun 11 days ago, already in Geneva, between their deputies. They had agreed to continue to talk to each other despite the strong differences of views and the hundred thousand Russian soldiers massaged at the borders of Ukraine. The Blinken-Lavrov face-to-face should not exceed two hours. "We are confronted with complex problems and solve them will take time. I do not expect us to settle them to Geneva, "said Thursday in Berlin Antony Blinken, who tables on a" mutual understanding "and a rushing side dediascal to soothe tension. A "rapid, severe and united answer" Wednesday, President Joe Biden felt that his counterpart Vladimir Putin "will enter" in Ukraine and promised him, in this case, "a quick, severe answer, and united of the United States and our allies ". The Kremlin denounced Thursday the "destabilizing" remarks, which could give ideas "with the heads burned among the Ukrainian representatives".

Ukrainian crisis: new diplomatic sequence in Brest

 Ukrainian crisis: new diplomatic sequence in Brest after Geneva and Brussels, the Ministers of the Defense of the European Union are gathered in Brest in France this Thursday and for two days. The objective of this meeting is to discuss the security of the continent and in particular the crisis in Ukraine. View on Euronews © Olivier Hoslet / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved After Geneva and Brussels, the Ministers of the Defense of the European Union are gathered in Brest in France this Thursday and for two days.

Russia, which already supports the rebellion in the east of the country that has made more than 13,000 deaths since 2014, and attached Crimea, denies any invasion project. But the Kremlin insists on written guarantees for its security, including the promise that Kiev will not integrate NATO and that the Alliance does not seek to expand in what it considers to be though. The United States has already opposed an end to these requests, deemed unreasonable. But the door is not entirely closed as far as the Biden administration repeated several times that it was ready to discuss the fears of the Russians for their safety. The US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman proposed to draw inspiration from the deceased of disarmament on intermediate nuclear forces (INF), signed during the cold war with Moscow. On Wednesday, President Biden even said to a new summit with Vladimir Putin, after June 16, 2021 in Geneva. Russia did not say no to the proposals on missiles and maneuvers but recalled that there was not the essential. To make good measure, it announced on Thursday large naval maneuvers in January and February in the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Pacific or the Mediterranean.

The Head of American Diplomacy urged Wednesday Vladimir Putin to choose the "Pacific Pacific". In passing, he also made it clear that he would not propose written answers to the very detailed requests made by the Russians on litigation points. The Diplomats Sergei Lavrov and Antony Blinken will address the press separately at the end of the meeting.

Ukraine: Beijing defends "the concerns" of Russia .
© Vincent Isore / Maxppp / IP3 Press / Maxppp L E Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has defended, Thursday, the "reasonable concerns" of the Russia for his safety, during a telephone exchange with his American counterpart Antony Blinken about the Ukraine . "We call all parties to calm, to refrain from increasing tensions and rising the crisis in pin," said Wang Yi, according to a statement broadcast by his department.

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