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Canada: Covid-19: in fact, the peak has not yet exceeded

COVID-19: Ontario reports 46 new deaths, hospitalizations rising; 585 new cases in Ottawa

  COVID-19: Ontario reports 46 new deaths, hospitalizations rising; 585 new cases in Ottawa There were 46 new COVID-19 deaths in the province on Tuesday, Public Health Ontario reported Wednesday morning. This is a significant jump from the 21 deaths reported on Tuesday. Of the new deaths, 15 were LTC residents. The province reported 9,783 new cases Wednesday. However, as of Dec. 31, Ontario restricted access to PCR tests to high-risk individuals who were symptomatic and/or are at risk of severe illness from COVID-19, front-line workers, residents in high-risk settings and other vulnerable populations. As a result, the true number of infections is higher than the daily new cases reported.

Devant un centre de vaccination à Argenteuil (Val-d'Oise), le 5 janvier. © Pierrick Villette Before a vaccination center in Argenteuil (Val-d'Oise) on 5 January.

"It is premature to consider that the peak is exceeded." Weekly epidemiological Healthcare France has the effect of a cold shower on Friday. While France bathed in a communication sequence of the executive focused on the upcoming release of the tunnel along the pandemic, figures this weekend hurt. More than 500,000 cases recorded in twenty-four hours, affecting seven days exceeds 3200 per 100 000 inhabitants. France continues to prance in the forefront of the countries most affected by contamination.

week had nevertheless started with optimism Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at the Institut Pasteur on France Inter, Monday morning "Yes, the worst scenario is moving away, the decline started," stated -he. His Swiss colleague Antoine Flahaut considered rather that France was heading for the top of the peak. Liberation headlined the hope on the horizon .

A look at the latest COVID-19 news in Canada

  A look at the latest COVID-19 news in Canada A look at the latest COVID-19 news in Canada: — Quebec Premier François Legault says the number of daily COVID-19 cases in Quebec appears to have peaked, allowing him to lift the curfew on Monday that he imposed to protect hospitals from a record surge in infections. Health experts project that COVID-19-related hospitalizations, which were at an unprecedented 2,994 on Thursday, should peak in the coming days, Legault told reporters in Montreal. Legault introduced the 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on Dec. 31 — in time to ban people from the streets on New Year's Eve. He had imposed a curfew earlier in 2021 for almost five months, between January and May.

The government took advantage of the lull announced to deploy its lifting schedule barrier measures. Thursday evening, Jean Castex has set the end of the gauges, teleworking and outdoor mask for February 2. Too early ? This is the epidemiological curves do not change as expected. The English example raised hopes a peak followed by a slump. In the UK, the incidence was halved in fifteen days. Alas, in France, there was this week a number of cases rebound that puzzles scientists.

contaminations in school

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The Scientific Council, including Arnaud Fontanet is a member, wrote in its opinion of 19 January "epidemic recovery observed mid-January 2022 is probably multifactorial, partly linked to an active virus circulation in primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries. " In oscillating between hope message and call for patience, he believes that the care system will remain live until mid-March, but that "the impact on the health care system could be managed if, and only if the reduction of contact and retention barriers gestures continue in the weeks ahead. "

Canada in for ‘intense’ weeks of Omicron infections, hospitalization surges: data

  Canada in for ‘intense’ weeks of Omicron infections, hospitalization surges: data The projections, made by Canadian health officials on Friday, indicate the Omicron wave could peak at 170,000 cases a day this month. Canada is set for several “intense” weeks of COVID-19 activity as Omicron will continue to drive record infections and hospitalizations, new federal data suggests.

This early in the week was also marked by the media coverage of a new variant that may be responsible for the rebound. Called BA.2, he is a cousin omicron (BA.1). This variant, identified in forty countries, is particularly present in Denmark. In ten days, he went from a frequency of 2% of sequencing half of sequencing. In France, less than twenty BA.2 have been sequenced, but the country has taken the same number of cases as the Northern Kingdom.

28,000 inpatients Clearly, the number of cases is not the indicator that the government is looking to make its decisions. With an incidence of more than 3200, the former 50 200 or alert thresholds are exceeded and forgotten. The number of deaths Covid is no longer an issue either. More than 1 400 deaths a week, or more than 200 per day, when the first containment was triggered with a total of less than 200 dead.

The number of people hospitalized continues to increase to almost 28 000 patients while the number of people in intensive care, he drops but stays around 3 800. The Omicron variant seems to create less severe cases requiring admission in critical care but more than conventional hospitalization priori short.

As it is, consider the lifting of restrictions therefore falls within the wishful thinking. In its opinion released Thursday, the Scientific Council warns against "the general atmosphere perfectly understandable" consisting 'think we will be at the beginning of the end March-April. " He recalled that "the arrival of a new variant was difficult or very difficult to anticipate." short, it is too early to lower vigilance.

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