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Canada: AFRICOM confirms the presence of Wagner in Mali

Tunisia-Mali, the Caf has decided

 Tunisia-Mali, the Caf has decided the request of Tunisia was rejected by the African Football Confederation, which has approved the victory of Mali (1-0). © Panoramic Tunisia Mali Can The African Football Confederation announced its decision on the case of the Tunisie-Mali match. Played this Wednesday in Limbe, the meeting of the first day of group F had been definitively stopped while the stopwatch posted 89 minutes of play, at the big fury of Tunisians.

Le général Stephen Townsend, commandant de l'Africom depuis juillet 2019 (image d'illustration). © Brendan Smialowski / AFP General Stephen Townsend, Commander of the Africom since July 2019 (image of illustration).

The Africom Commander, the unified command for Africa who coordinates all US military activities on the continent, recognizes the presence of the Russian private group Wagner, Mali. General Stephen Townsend spoke on Friday, January 21 on the public radio Voice of America. This is the first time that the American authorities are expressed the presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali.

"Wagner is in Mali," says Africom commander without ammages. They are several hundred. The whole world sees it, and it concerns us, "he continues. According to General Townsend, Wagner benefits from the support of aircraft of the Russian army for deployment.

Samasseque longing is considered Manchester United

 Samasseque longing is considered Manchester United Hoffenheim's Balleroberner Diadie Samassekou is currently waiting the Afrikacup. Time of return uncertain. Or is there no return of the Malier? © Imago Images / Sven Simon Diadie Samassekou has looked at the TSG Hoffenheim of always as intermediate step and springboard. Rangnick had already the Malier on the note for Sebastian Hoeneß he is "one of the best baller tops of the Bundesliga". Diadie Samassekou enjoys the highest appreciation in the game against the ball.

"It's a secret of Polichinelle, adds a French military source. Few private companies that can afford large carriers, "he concludes.

The use of aircraft of the Russian army by the mercenaries of Wagner has already been pointed out on other theaters of operation. In March 2021, a United Nations report on the Central African Republic mentions it. In July 2020, Africom published several aerial images of Russian aircraft in Libya.

Mali continues to deny the presence of the Wagner group on its territory. Bamako has always claimed a military partnership with Russia.

"To deploy Wagner needs information, logistics support, etc. Explains a safe analyst. You have to stop cutting the hair in four, there are connections between the Russian army and Wagner. Both work on the interests of Russia, "he concludes.

Mali. Denmark will remove its troops after a new request from the Junte .
© Forsvaret a Danish Hercules C-130 aircraft upon arrival of the material of the Danish Takuba component. Denmark announced this Thursday, January 27th withdrawing his troops in Mali, in accordance with the requests supported by the military junta in power. It's not a deployment; It's a raid (Express, even)! The Danish contribution of 90 soldiers to TF Takuba will be withdrawn from the country, according to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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