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Canada: Côte d'Ivoire: In the North, the Prime Minister announces investments for young people

North Korea Announces Two New Missiles

 North Korea Announces Two New Missiles © Pixabay Northern Korea Announces Two New Missiles These tests that have been made to "check and judge the control of action procedures of the rail regiment" are the third of the year. New launch of missiles for North Korea. The country's authorities announced having launched two short-range missiles from a train on Friday. This is the third weapon test since the beginning of the year, despite new American sanctions.

Le Premier ministre ivoirien Patrick Achi, ici lors d'un discours à Abidjan, le 5 novembre 2021. © Issouf Sanogo, AFP Prime Minister Ivorian Patrick Achi, here during a speech in Abidjan, November 5, 2021.

Ivorian Prime Minister Patrick Achi went to the North and Northeast of the country Saturday, January 22, near the Burkinabe border, in the localities of Tougbo, Kafolo and Kong. In this area with terrorism for almost two years, he announced the second social plan of the government up to 3,200 billion CFA francs over three years, including a party IRA for the development of the region and insertion young people. This to counter the expansion of jihadists.

With our special envoy to TOUGBO, Pierre Pinto

considering the clipping of this locality served by endless sand tracks, the interdepartmental displacement in Tougbo holding the shipment. If Prime Minister Patrick Achi and some ministers moved by helicopter, it was not the case for all, nor of the diplomats, senior officials, officials, nor the press.

United States: A "Major" winter storm with snow and overflowing rains hits the east of the country

 United States: A The weather has caused power cuts, as well as disturbances in road and air transport © Gerry Broome / AP / SIPA in North Carolina, where nearly 30 cm of snow fell on January 17, 2022, motorists have been warned of dangerous circulation conditions. weather - the weather has caused power cuts, as well as disturbances in road transport have been sheltered while a storm has hit the east. from the country.

Never probably this sub-prefecture, located 10 km from the Burkinabé border, had had so many visitors. But the symbol was a must for Patrick Achi who has therefore chosen TOUGBO to announce 3,200 billion FCFA over three years for PSGUV2, the triennial social program of the Ivorian Government .

But above all, on this budget, a party is devoted to the development of the North and the socio-professional integration of its young people. The Government announces that in total 32 billion CFA francs (50 million euros) will be invested over three years for several thousand young people from the six northern border regions. In his speech Patrick Achi launched a call for youth, "neither abandoned nor forgotten" promises.

If the villages of this area have been electrified for several years, which the inhabitants complains - in addition to insecurity - it's lack of water. Tougbo will soon be endowed with its water tower. Other smaller localities will have to wait. As Kafolo (2,000 inhabitants), twice the target of jihadists in 2020 and 2021, and where the imposing delegation stops. There, the inhabitants also hope to see bituminous the track that crosses their village. For the chef of Kafolo, Bamba Tiembo, "The road is development".

Rwanda reopens its border with Uganda, closed for two years .
© AP (archive) A Rwandan border, here between Congo and Rwanda, Thursday, August 1, 2019. The Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, Friday, reopening, in three days, from the main border post with Uganda. Closed since February 2019, Gatuna is a large terrestrial trade route. The thaw relations between the two Neighbors of East Africa is concretized.

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