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Canada: United Kingdom: Boris Johnson accused of "blackmail" to avoid a vote of distrust due to the "PartyGate"

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 Lead 1-for Moscow, Discussions with the USA and NATO are deadle Ukraine-crisis / NATO-Russia-Kremlin (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-for Moscow, discussions with The US and NATO are deadlocked (with new Russian, American and Polish statements, context) by Thomas Escritt and Tom Balmforth Vienna / Moscow, January 13 (Reuters) - Russia said Thursday that its efforts In order to convince the West to prevent the expansion of NATO towards the East, via the integration of Ukraine, had led it to a stalemate and threatened to draw the consequences without specifying na

Le Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson lors d'une séance de questions au Parlement, le 19 janvier 2022. © Jessica Taylor, British Parliament, AP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a questioning session in Parliament, On January 19, 2022.

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a serious political crisis, he is now accused of doing "blackmail" with 12 Conservative deputies ready to trigger a vote of distrust against him. Targeted by the "PartyGate", due to the Festival Organization at the Headquarters of the Government in full confinement against CVIV-19, the Prime Minister "denied" any pressure from members.

with our correspondent in London, Marie Boeda

Chris Bryant discussed with a dozen members. They say that elected officials of their own rank threatened them to withdraw funds planned for their constituency.

How the flouting of COVID-19 restrictions by leaders damages credibility and trust

  How the flouting of COVID-19 restrictions by leaders damages credibility and trust It's not just in Britain where stories about rule-breaking rule-makers who undermine important messaging have made headlines over the course of the pandemic.Johnson offered one such apology this past Wednesday for attending a BYOB garden party in May 2020 involving dozens of Downing Street staff, held in contravention of COVID-19 restrictions that Britons were supposed to be following at the time.

For this elected Labor in charge of corruption in Westminster, all this is illegal: "They were told they would get something if they voted in common sense. And I even heard members say that the Prime Minister himself had acted in this way. What I said to all these people is that it is a professional misconduct. It is up to the police to deal with such allegations.

Scotland Yard detectives should meet one of the grooves next week.

Boris Johnson defends himself and declares to have seen or heard "no evidence likely to support such charges".

But decidedly its leadership is set to Rough . An investigation is underway: it must clarify areas of shadows on organized holidays in full containment at Downing Street , under which conditions and with whom. His conclusions should fall in the coming days.

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