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Canada: Burkina: Mutinous soldiers demand "more adapted means" to the fight against Jihadists

GB started providing Ukraine

 GB started providing Ukraine Ukraine-crisis / GB-Defense (Update 2) weapons: The GB started providing anti-tank weapons at Ukraine London, January 18 (Reuters) - Britain said on Monday that it had begun to provide anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in order to help it to defend against a possible invasion, an ad intervene on the background of increasing tensions with Russia, which Massped in recent months soldiers on their borders.

Des forces de sécurité burkinabè face à des manifestants qui se sont rassemblés en soutien aux militaires mutinés, à Ouagadougou, le 23 janvier 2022. © Olympia of Maismont, AFP Burkinabè security forces facing protesters who have gathered in support of mutinous military, in Ouagadougou, On January 23, 2022.

soldiers mutinized on Sunday, January 23 in several barracks in Burkina Faso to claim the departure of the leaders of the army and "more adapted means" to the fight against the jihadists who hit the country since 2015. The government recognizes shots in several barracks, but denied "a power outlet by the army".

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

in front of the Lamizana sanguarled camp where we were, shortly before 6:00 pm, at the Gounghin district, soldiers were always posted, assault rifles. They continued to fire earlier this afternoon.

Iran: farmers exhumably by chance the remains of dead Iraqi soldiers during the Irako-Iranian war

 Iran: farmers exhumably by chance the remains of dead Iraqi soldiers during the Irako-Iranian war © Twitter / @rafeef_alhafedh Screenshot of a video showing the discovery of bones of three Iraqi soldiers, in agricultural land On January 11, near the city of Ahwaz, Iran. by digging the Earth to plant lemon trees, an Iranian family in the Ahwaz region, in southwestern Iran, made an astonishing discovery: the remains of three Iraqi soldiers dating from the war that opposed the Iraq at Iran between 1980 and 1988.

video: In Afghanistan, the Taliban orders traders to decapitate their plastic models (BFMTV)

we had a hundred people, but they are more numerous than that because there were some which made back and forth between the interior and the outside of the camp.

Before our eyes, these soldiers gave their food rations, made up of bread and boxes of sardines, to the populations.

Hundreds of protesters then gathered a few meters from these soldiers. These protesters were saying coming provide support to soldiers.

Around 15:00, an official source informed us that these soldiers had expressed their concerns about the recovery of some officers and an improvement in their conditions and that the Minister of Armies, General Barthélémy Simporaled was in discussion with these soldiers.

of the protesters attack at the countryside headquarters

a group of protesters ransacked and burned a part of the place which served as a seat of presidential campaign of the party in power. It was the headquarters of the Roch Christian Kaboré campaign team.The ground floor of the building, on several levels, left smoke. According to witnesses, it is when the demonstrators began to attack the rest of the building, they were dispersed by the police. An important safety device is there to protect the building.

Syria: Kurds resume a prison six days after a jihadist assault .
© AFP L Kurds forces supported by the United States in Syria resumed Wednesday the total control of a large prison attacked by the Group Islamic State (EI), ending the most important jihadist assault in the country in three years.

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