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Canada: Attention, dangerous! Therefore, continuous stress strikes the heart - even a heart attack

downward mortality, rising births: the demographics in 2021 less affected by COVID

 downward mortality, rising births: the demographics in 2021 less affected by COVID © Copyright 2021, Obs The demographic consequences of the health crisis were less marked in 2021 than in 2020, according to a balance sheet Published on Tuesday, January 18 by INSEE: mortality, albeit abnormally high, has fallen and the birth rate, despite a "Covid effect" at the beginning of the year, has risen slightly. The natural balance, which had reached a lower historic last year (at +66,000), has fallen slightly, at +81,000.

threatens to be a heart and a soul: this sentence also applies when it comes to health. "Is not the one side well, often the other one suffers below," says the medical profession Prof. Volker Köllner. Sometimes it is not enough to consider in the treatment only one side, so the chief physician for psychosomatics at the rehab center Seehof in Teltow near Berlin.

  Achtung, gefährlich! Darum schlägt Dauerstress aufs Herz – es droht sogar ein Herzinfarkt © Provided by Berliner Kurier

Then it is helpful to take the interactions in the look - for which the psychocardiology even has its own special discipline in medicine. A variety of studies suggests that the health of heart and psyche are closely intertwined. Depression about increasing the risk of a heart attack almost as strong as smoking.

"No options are excluded" to respond to a Russian attack in Ukraine, announces the White House

 © Sergey Pivovarov many Russian armed means are posted not far from Ukrainian borders (illustration). Reuters / Sergey Pivovarov The tension seems to rise again a notch in this war of declarations between Russia and the United States. "We are at a stage where Russia can launch an attack in Ukraine at any time," said the White House spokesperson on Tuesday, speaking of an "extremely dangerous situation".

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"We also know that stress, people learn very early in their life story," says Köllner. Violence and sexual ill-treatment in childhood increase the risk of heart disease - even if they possibly show themselves decades later.

that enormous stress - a death message or a job loss, for example, can be immediately immediately on the heart, shows the Broken Heart syndrome. This is an acute heart weakness, in which the pump power of the organ decreases. Many those affected must be treated in the intensive care unit, whereby the heart - unlike other diseases - recovers.

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for the heart is stress but much more likely to become a problem when it becomes chronic. It is the physical stress reactions itself, which damage the heart in the long term.

Emmanuel Moire: the radical decision of the singer deleted by the death of SOAN

 Emmanuel Moire: the radical decision of the singer deleted by the death of SOAN © KCS Emmanuel Moire: the radical decision of the singer enderated by the death of Soan is with a huge sorrow that Emmanuel Moire announced on January 17th On Instagram, the disappearance of his tender companion, Soan, an Australian shepherd a few months old. If the singer has received a lot of support, he has, however, made a radical decision of which he explains in a new publication. The arrival of SOAN in the life of Emmanuel Moire had been struck by the seal of evidence.

Central is the vegetative nervous system that controls vital functions like heartbeat. Under stress, our heart not only knocks faster to set the body to maximum performance: The platelets stick stronger to better breast bleeding.

"The body is committed to being wounded," says Prof. Christoph Herrmann-Lingen, director of the clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy of university medicine Göttingen. The unwanted episode: Thus, the emergence of narrowed coronary waits is favored.

The permanent start-up of the cardiovascular system can also lead to hypertension, which can damage the cardiovascular. The risk for a heart attack or heart failure increases.

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comes to this: Health behavior often suffers in stress times. One strokes their weekly sports course and grabs more often to the cigarette, the other is almost daily fast food. What these behaviors have in common: they are risk factors for heart disease. The key to prevent prevention is to capture healthy routines even in stressful phases.

Lead 3-Yemen-more than 60 deaths in air raids, according to Save the Children

 Lead 3-Yemen-more than 60 deaths in air raids, according to Save the Children Yemen-Securite (Lead 3, Photo, TV): Lead 3-Yemen-More than 60 deaths in air raids, according to Save the Children (updated with reaction of the Saudi Coalition and the Water Ambassador) Saada, Yemen, January 21 (Reuters) - Three children and about sixty adults were killed Friday in air raids in Yemen, said NGO Save The Children, while the Coalition led by Saudi Arabia intensifies its operations against the areas controlled by the Houthis rebels.

vice versa often also suffers the psyche scratches when people experience that their heart fails. "A heart disease such as a heart attack is not just a damp ankle," says Christoph Herrmann-Lingen. "Such an experience can shake the prime trust in your own body."

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fears and care - especially in the first time - a normal mental response to such a Event. "At the majority of patients, the psyche is normalized after some time," says Volker Köllner. But not at all.

"There are patients who pay excessively to their own body to recognize harbingers of a new heart attack," says Clinic Director Herrmann-Lingen. This ensures a high stress level and sometimes that those affected hardly demand their body. "Regular physical activity is important. Finally, sport reduces the risk of new heart disease and also for depression. "

First, a conversation with the doctor is useful to make the fears with reality. "A helpful offer are also the many heart sports groups," says Volker Köllner. These are offered by sports clubs, rehab clinics or other straps. In addition, psychotherapy can help gain confidence in your own heart and to train body perception.

Attention, this blockbuster arrives for the first time on a streaming platform in France .
© SIPA Attention, this blockbuster arrives for the first time on a platform streaming in France nearly three years after its exit to the cinema, the Last mission shutter impossible, mission impossible: Fallout, with Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill headlines, will be available soon on Prime Video. While the next mission impossible have just been repelled to 2023 and 2024, Prime Video unveiled its calendar of February.

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