Canada: Moscow refuses any negotiation on Ukraine with the EU or OSCE

Annalena Baerbock in Moscow: Foreign Minister emphasizes Need to dialog

 Annalena Baerbock in Moscow: Foreign Minister emphasizes Need to dialog Upon your first visit to Moscow, Foreign Minister Baerbock urges a diplomatic solution in Ukraine crisis. Although there are "big and partly fundamental disagreements", there would be no alternative to the dialogue. © Alexei Maishev / Itar-TASS / Imago The relationships between Germany and Russia are tense. At her first visit to Moscow, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said, she had traveled with a thick call folder.

Ukraine-crisis / Russia-Lavrov: Moscow refuses any negotiations on Ukraine with the EU or OSCE

Moscow, January 26 (Reuters - Russia does not intend to discuss the situation in Ukraine or its own security with the European Union or with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, "said Russian Foreign Minister Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov.

Speaking in front of the Duma, the head of Russian diplomacy also reaffirmed that Russia would take the "appropriate measures" if it did not receive the United States and NATO responses to its secure concerns.

Russia is waiting for a written response to its security guarantee requests, including the cessation of the expansion of NATO east. The United States and their allies have already rejected this demand orally.

"No options are excluded" to respond to a Russian attack in Ukraine, announces the White House

 © Sergey Pivovarov many Russian armed means are posted not far from Ukrainian borders (illustration). Reuters / Sergey Pivovarov The tension seems to rise again a notch in this war of declarations between Russia and the United States. "We are at a stage where Russia can launch an attack in Ukraine at any time," said the White House spokesperson on Tuesday, speaking of an "extremely dangerous situation".

Video: No Reason to Fear Escailing Against Ukraine -Russia (Reuters)

Tensions around Ukraine aggravated in recent months facing Russia's deployment of around 100,000 soldiers to Borders of the country, according to Kiev and Western countries, making a fear of a Russian invasion after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Moscow continues to deny any bellicose intention while the West threatens to impose severe economic sanctions in Russia In case of invasion of Ukraine.

Several cycles of discussion have occurred in recent days between Russia and Western powers to try to solve the Ukrainian crisis, without achieving tangible advances. Discussions in Normandy format bringing together Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany are planned this Wednesday in Paris. (Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber and Vladimir Soldatkin; French version Nicolas Delame)

Ukraine: Beijing defends "the concerns" of Russia .
© Vincent Isore / Maxppp / IP3 Press / Maxppp L E Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has defended, Thursday, the "reasonable concerns" of the Russia for his safety, during a telephone exchange with his American counterpart Antony Blinken about the Ukraine . "We call all parties to calm, to refrain from increasing tensions and rising the crisis in pin," said Wang Yi, according to a statement broadcast by his department.

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