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Canada: COVID-19: The three checkboxes to lift all sanitary restrictions

COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 deaths in France and save six billion euros, according to an

 COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 deaths in France and save six billion euros, according to an study "One in four has decided to be vaccinated through the sanitary pass "In France, abound the authors of the study. © Provided by FranceInfo The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 people of CVIV-19 in France, to avoid the loss of six billion euros between July and December 2021 and to increase the vaccination coverage of 13 percentage points, according to a study conducted by independent researchers and published Tuesday, January 18th by the Economic Analysis Council, which advises Matignon.

La France va-t-elle suivre le même chemin que le Danemark ? Va-t-elle lever ses restrictions sanitaires dès le 1er février ou dans les prochains jours ? Le professeur Antoine Flahault, épidémiologiste et directeur de l'Institut de santé globale de Genève était l'invité d'Europe Midi jeudi pour évoquer cette potentielle décision. © Pascal Pochard-Casabianca / AFP Will France follow the same path as Denmark? Will she raise her sanitary restrictions from February 1st or in the coming days? Professor Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Geneva Global Health Institute was the guest of Europe Midi Thursday to evoke this potential decision.

The Denmark , which knows how France a record number of contaminations at COVID-19, lifts sanitary restrictions from February 1st. Will France take the same way in the coming days? "When Denmark talks about public health, it's always worth listening to it because it's a country that has a great health performance at all levels, including in this pandemic," explained the epidemiologist and Director of the Geneva Global Health Institute, Antoine Flahault , Guest of Europe Midi Thursday.

A look at the latest COVID-19 developments in Canada

  A look at the latest COVID-19 developments in Canada A look at the latest COVID-19 news in Canada: — A Canadian study suggests the antiviral medication remdesivir could have a "modest but significant effect" on COVID-19 patient outcomes, including decreasing the need for mechanical ventilation by approximately 50 per cent. The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, is billed as the largest single-country trial of remdesivir reported to date. Results are part of a larger study called the World Health Organization Solidarity, a randomized, controlled trial evaluating remdesivir's impact on COVID-19 patients in several countries.

A strategy supported by Danish scientists

"Experts have found that Omicron was less virulent, that vaccination was very high and the hospital capabilities were sufficient to absorb the current burden, but also a predictable increase in charge with weeks. who will come, "said Antoine Flahault.

in Denmark, 84% of the Danes received at least one dose of VVID-19 vaccine against 80% in France. "If we look at the number of deaths by Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, Denmark has three times less than France," said the epidemiologist at the Micro of Romain Desarres.

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According to the Commission of the Denmark epidemic, three boxes should be tied to remove all health restrictions: sufficient hospital capacity, high vaccination, and a virus less virulent. A strategy supported by scientists in Denmark but is discussed by scientists around the world. "It's a paradigm shift in the management of this pandemic," he detailed.

Canadian health officials to provide update on COVID-19 pandemic

  Canadian health officials to provide update on COVID-19 pandemic Canada's public health agency will hold an update on the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday morning a day after Ontario announced when it will be reopening in the face of will be live streaming the federal update at 11:30 a.m. ET.

The end of free care for non-vaccinated?

Antoine Flahault continued his speaking on the declaration of his colleague Wednesday evening: should the non-vaccinated benefits from free care? This is the question on which Martin Hirsch , General Manager of the AP-HP, on the plateau of the show C to you on France 5. "I do not want to close the door of the hospital And care to anyone: but you have to be allied with the responsibility that allows everyone to benefit, "he said on Wednesday night. For the Director of the Global Health Institute, Antoine Flahault, "the basis of our social security system in Europe is solidarity, whatever the cause of diseases".

An "unacceptable" reflection

"We do not blame people who smoke to have one day with lung cancer," analyzes the epidemiologist. "We are plains. We do not blame people who have a car accident, even because they have an alcohol level too high in the blood, clutter hospitals, complained and held them", Has he continued at the Micro of Romain Desarres.

If Martin Hirsch stated that the question of free care for non-vaccinated and sick of COVID-19 was "delicate", "unacceptable" to consider it according to Antoine Flahault.

COVID-19: The United Kingdom abandons mask and sanitary pass .
© AP - Matt Dunham in the London metro corridors, on January 27, 2022. Mask in public places, teleworking, visits to retirement homes .. . England has lifted most of its restrictions on Thursday. RFI went to the business district of the City, where Londonians still did not quite find the life of before. With our correspondent in London, EMELINE Wine as many workers at the City, MO could give up teleworking this week. The young man is surprised by the few people in the streets.

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