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Canada: COVID-19: The United Kingdom abandons mask and sanitary pass

COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 deaths in France and save six billion euros, according to an

 COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 deaths in France and save six billion euros, according to an study "One in four has decided to be vaccinated through the sanitary pass "In France, abound the authors of the study. © Provided by FranceInfo The Sanitary Pass has avoided 4,000 people of CVIV-19 in France, to avoid the loss of six billion euros between July and December 2021 and to increase the vaccination coverage of 13 percentage points, according to a study conducted by independent researchers and published Tuesday, January 18th by the Economic Analysis Council, which advises Matignon.

Dans les couloirs du métro londonien, le 27 janvier 2022. © AP - Matt Dunham in the London metro corridors, on January 27, 2022.

Mask in public places, teleworking, visits to retirement homes .. . England has lifted most of its restrictions on Thursday. RFI went to the business district of the City, where Londonians still did not quite find the life of before.

With our correspondent in London, EMELINE Wine

as many workers at the City, MO could give up teleworking this week. The young man is surprised by the few people in the streets. "I was expecting more people outside there," he comments. Wednesday night was completely deserted. It may be due to the cold, I do not know. »

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Covid-19: England says "Bye Bye" to Sanitary Restrictions

 Covid-19: England says © AFP - Tolga Akmen Queue outside the University Vaccination Center College London Hospital in London, December 17, 2021 . British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this Wednesday the next surveillance of sanitary restrictions in England. Only is maintained the obligation to isolate oneself in case of positive test. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has initiated the lifting of the latest restrictions in England on Wednesday, promising even the end of isolation for contaminated.

Yet at Urban Barrista, all the tables are busy. But Andy expects the City, neighborhood of finance and luxury shops, is no longer as buzzing than before. "Today, it's our best day since our opening in December," he explains. But the people I speak tell me that even if they come back to the office, their boss let them work in a hybrid way: three days at home, two here for example. »

The port of the mask remains mandatory in transport

after putting a term, a week ago, the recommendation to work at home for those who can, England now abandons the other restrictions introduced in December At the Case Straightener Omicron : Obligation of the port of the indoor mask in public places and vaccinal passport for events welcoming a numerous public. The government has also announced Thursday that retirement home residents will be able to receive an unlimited number of visitors from Monday. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced, however, announced the obligation of the port of the mask in public transport in the capital. Some supermarket chains like Sainsbury's, Waitrose or Morrisons also ask their customers.

for Craig, security agent in a bank, restrictions needed to be lifted; They were no longer respected. "People have been less careful during the pandemic," he says. Of course, there are still more people in transport this morning. And at home, the mask remains mandatory.

Restaurants and shops can continue to ask guests to stay masked. The government calls for common sense.

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COVID-19: The three checkboxes to lift all sanitary restrictions .
© Pascal Pochard-Casabianca / AFP Will France follow the same path as Denmark? Will she raise her sanitary restrictions from February 1st or in the coming days? Professor Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Geneva Global Health Institute was the guest of Europe Midi Thursday to evoke this potential decision. The Denmark , which knows how France a record number of contaminations at COVID-19, lifts sanitary restrictions from February 1st.

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