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Canada: Rwanda reopens its border with Uganda, closed for two years

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Une frontière rwandaise, ici entre le Congo et le Rwanda, jeudi 1er août 2019. © AP (archive) A Rwandan border, here between Congo and Rwanda, Thursday, August 1, 2019.

The Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, Friday, reopening, in three days, from the main border post with Uganda. Closed since February 2019, Gatuna is a large terrestrial trade route.

The thaw relations between the two Neighbors of East Africa is concretized. The Rwanda announced, Friday, January 28, the reopening, on January 31, of the main border post with the Uganda , closed since February 2019.

This ad intervenes less than a week after the visit of the son of the Ugandan President, General Muhoozi Kaineerugaba, Kigali. The latter and the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, posted their willingness to "restore" bilateral relations.

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"After the visit to the Rwanda of General Muhoozi Kaineerugaba (...) On January 22, the Government of Rwanda noted that there is a process to solve the problems raised by Rwanda, as well as the commitments of the Government of Uganda to remove the remaining obstacles ", says the Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a release published early Friday morning, formalizing the reopening of the border post between the two states.

The hope for the normalization of relations

"The Government of Rwanda remains attached to the ongoing efforts to solve the outstanding problems between Rwanda and Uganda and considers that today's announcement will contribute positively to the Quick standardization of relations between the two countries ", concludes the text.

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No official comment was available immediately Ugandan side, but General Muhoozi and the Ugandan government relayed the Rwandan communiqué on their official Twitter accounts.

Rwanda had abruptly closed the Gatuna border post - called Katuna in Uganda - in February 2019, cutting a large terrestrial trade route, in a context of increasing tensions between the two countries. Kigali accused Uganda from removing his nationals and support rebels seeking to overthrow Paul Kagame.

Kampala accused the spying Rwanda and killed two men during an incursion on its territory in May 2019, which Kigali disputed.

Limoged Head of Intelligence

Shortly after the meeting between General Muhoozi and Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan President, announced the replacement of the powerful head of military intelligence, Abel Kandiho, in office since 2017, officially within the framework of A "routine transfer and reallocation", according to a spokesman of the Ugandan government.

In recent years, Rwandan officials had accused Kandiho to collaborate with dissidents to remove Rwandan citizens in Uganda. It was also the subject of American sanctions because of its presumed involvement and that of its services in serious violations of human rights.

Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni were close allied during the 1980s-1990, in the conquest of power in their respective countries, before becoming fierce rivals.

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