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Canada: Who is Simone Ashley, the star of season 2 of "Bridgeton's Chronicle"?

Simone Ashley Reveals Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton’ Will Be ‘Much Grittier’ With ‘A Lot Of Sexual Tension’

  Simone Ashley Reveals Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton’ Will Be ‘Much Grittier’ With ‘A Lot Of Sexual Tension’ Simone Ashley is getting fans ready for “Bridgerton” season 2. In a new interview with NET-A-PORTER’s Porter magazine, the actress revealed what viewers should expect when the hit Netflix series returns on March 25. “The second season is much grittier,” noted the 26-year-old star. “There’s a lot of drama and a lot of sexual tension. My parents will be watching it – but not with me!” Ashley will be seen as Kate Sharma, one of the newest arrivals in London and a love interest to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey).

  Qui est Simone Ashley, la star de la saison 2 de « La Chronique des Bridgerton » ? © Liam Daniel / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

to her, Capes, Corsets and Wigs. In the season 2 of the Bridgeton Chronicle, now available on Netflix , Simone Ashley embodies the woman of character who makes Anthony Bridgeton capsize ( Jonathan Bailey ). If the 25-year-old actress holds its greatest role, it is not a beginner. Back on his career.

An independent spirit

born on March 30, 1995 in Woodstock in Great Britain, Simone Ashley is of Indian origin by his parents. If his father has always been a music enthusiast, the young woman grows up in a family of doctors and engineers who value education above all. Not afraid to claim his singularity, she takes comedy classes in a school of art of the Chiswick district in London, and decides to pursue his dream. "My parents can be very protective, and sometimes it's stifling. It made me want to do things in the way. I have always been a little rebellious, "she explained at VeyLex . If his career has now taken off, his family would still not be totally reassured: "There is no crystal ball, security, guarantee. What maybe the worst nightmare of all parents, "she continues.

Bridgerton's Simone Ashley Says She Felt 'Confident' During Sex Scenes with Costar Jonathan Bailey

  Bridgerton's Simone Ashley Says She Felt 'Confident' During Sex Scenes with Costar Jonathan Bailey "I was very excited to be doing these scenes where we can show a dark-skinned woman and her body and to not be so taboo about it," Simone Ashley said of her sex scenes with Bridgerton costar Jonathan Bailey . In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE ahead of the release of the Netflix series' second season, Ashley opened up about her sex scenes with Bailey — and why she felt so "confident" going into them. "I was very confident," said Ashley — who plays Kate Sharma, the love interest of Bailey's Anthony Bridgerton. "I felt very safe. I felt very protected.

The "Sex Education" carton It was in 2016 that Simone Ashley appears for the first time on the screen in the Wolfblood series, before playing minor characters in the Broadchurch season or the Pokémon film: Detective Pikachu. After several years to juggle the roles (very very) secondary, comes the fiction that will reveal it to the public: the series

Sex Education , centered on two teenagers who create a firm of sexology in their high school. As early as 2019, she plays Olivia, one of the members of the "untouchable" band, especially identifiable in his legendary chewing gum bubbles. By slipping into the skin of this popular girl, the actress already breaks stereotypes, the South Asian actors generally rather confined to the roles of nerds. To compose his interpretation from a poor script in directions, the actress started in research: "I made Playlists Spotify, Mood Boards, I watched a lot of movies in the style of John HUGHES . I watched Boogie Nights, and been inspired by Roller Girl ".

Bridgerton Season 2 Takes a Sharp Turn From Anthony and Kate's Love Story in The Viscount Who Loved Me

  Bridgerton Season 2 Takes a Sharp Turn From Anthony and Kate's Love Story in The Viscount Who Loved Me On Friday, season 2 of the wildly popular show Bridgerton premiered on Netflix and readers of the same-titled Regency-era romance series by Julia Quinn already have a great deal to say . Many fans have dreamed of Anthony and Kate's love story being translated to the screen since the book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which is second in the Bridgerton book series, was first published more than 20 years ago. Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (known as Kate Sheffield in the book and played by Simone Ashley) are as stubborn and passionate in the show as they are in the enemy-to-lovers romance novel.

The Bridgeton era Since a mediatory platform has been offered, Simone Ashley does not hesitate to share his experience as a South Asian heritage act. That she encourages her peers to embark on the comedy "without worrying about the eyes of others" or insured against colorism in the Indian edition of Harper's Bazaar. With the character of

Kate Sharma - who named Kate Sheffield in the book, before being reinvented by the Showrunner Chris Van Dusen - a beginner all right arrived in London of his native country, she is preparing again Shut up representations in Bridgeton's chronicle . The whole, in front of millions of spectators who are waiting for close foot the matrimonial dramas of the London of Regency and the reunion with the Incisive Lady Whistledown.

'Bridgerton's' Jonathan Bailey on a Post Season 2 Anthony: 'He's Going to Be an Incredible Father' .
The last week has been a big one for "Bridgerton" star Jonathan Bailey. Since Season 2 of his Regency-romance drama dropped on Netflix March 25, millions across the globe have watched the actor - as Anthony Bridgerton - traverse an emotional rollercoaster that led his character to a happy and loving ending. And while his show set a record for the streamer, clocking 193,020,000 million hours watched globally (making it the most-viewed Netflix English language TV title in its premiere weekend), Bailey is still making time to discuss the series with press, even if he has to fit it in a very rock star-esque way - after spending nearly two hours on stage (in the Londo

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