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Canada: war in Ukraine: what to remember from the day of Wednesday, April 6,

As the West opens its doors to Ukraine, millions more refugees suffer around the world

  As the West opens its doors to Ukraine, millions more refugees suffer around the world As Canada and its western allies welcome millions of Ukrainians fleeing the war with Russia, advocates wonder if this will be the response to all future humanitarian crises.He spent the next 12 years living at Kakuma Refugee Camp, a sprawling encampment with 200,000 residents built beneath the scorching Kenyan sun.

While the United States and the European Union provide for new sanctions against Russia, the inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine are guests to evacuate "now".

  Guerre en Ukraine : ce qu'il faut retenir de la journée du mercredi 6 avril © Provided by FranceInfo

The United States announced, Wednesday, April 6, a new "devastating" sanctions against Russia, accused of war crimes, while Ukraine called on the civilian populations to evacuate the East from its territory, now priority target of the Kremlin. Here's what to remember of the day.

The United States and the European Union provide for a new sanctions of sanctions against Russia

the new US measures, in response to the "atrocities" committed in Ukraine, prohibit "any new investment" in Russia and will apply the most Severe possible to the great Russian banks Sberbank and Alfa Bank, as well as several important public companies. They also target the girls of Vladimir Putin.

Untrained foreign fighters urged to steer clear of Ukraine: ‘This is not Call of Duty’

  Untrained foreign fighters urged to steer clear of Ukraine: ‘This is not Call of Duty’ Inexperienced foreign fighters attempting to join volunteer battalions in Ukraine have drawn criticism for their potential to become more of a hindrance than a help.He has just gotten off a flight from New York, initially intending to head straight for the Ukrainian border, about 65 kilometres to the east. But his body armour was lost on the flight. While he contemplated going in without it, he’s decided to wait and see if it arrives tomorrow.

Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, aged by thirties, also appear on a new black list of EU sanctions examined by the representatives of the twenty-seven. The European Commission also proposes a stop of Russian coal purchases and the closing of the Russian ship ports. These sanctions will come into force after publication in the EU Official Journal.

Joe Biden denounces "major war crimes" in Ukraine

"What is happening is nothing less than major war crimes. Responsible nations must unite for accountable to accountable", Told the US President at a Trade Union Conference in Washington. He also promised "to stifle for years" the economic development of Russia.

video: war in Ukraine: biden announces new sanctions against Russia (Le Figaro)

'Very high levels' of civilian casualties in Ukraine, UN human rights monitor says

  'Very high levels' of civilian casualties in Ukraine, UN human rights monitor says Matilda Bogner, who's leading the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, says the Russian invasion of the country is taking a heavy toll on non-combatants and that her team is facing difficulties collecting accurate information as the war rages.Speaking from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, in an interview that aired Sunday on Rosemary Barton Live, Matilda Bogner warned of a dire situation in the country five weeks after it was invaded by Russia.

The inhabitants of the east of Ukraine invited to evacuate "now"

Regional authorities "call the population to leave these territories and do everything for the evacuations to be held in an organized way, "said Deputy Prime Minister Irya Verechtchouk, cited by the Ministry of Integration on Telegram, adding that it had to do it" now "On pain of" risking death ". The Russian army could launch a major offensive on Donbass , now Kremlin's priority target.

Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russia from blocking humanitarian access to Maroupol to hide the "thousands" of victims

in an interview with the Turkish TV channel Habertürk, posted by the Presidency, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia To block humanitarian access to Maroupol to conceal the "thousands" of victims in this besieged city and always bombarded in the south-east of Ukraine.

What happened in Bucha, Ukraine? Here’s what you need to know

  What happened in Bucha, Ukraine? Here’s what you need to know Over the weekend, news outlets began to report the deaths of civilians in the streets of Bucha as Ukraine’s forces recaptured the town. Here's what has happened. Warning: This story contains details that may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion is advised.

"I think one of the main reasons why we can not bring humanitarian help in Maroupol is that while everything has not been cleaned by Russian soldiers, they are afraid that the world way what happens, "he said.

Vladimir Putin denounces "a coarse and cynical provocation" of kyiv

This is the first reaction of the Russian President on this case that arouses international indignation. Russian President Vladimir Putin described Wednesday of "Crossebly and Cynic Provocation" of the Ukrainian authorities The discovery of corpses of civilians in the city of Bantcha, near kyiv, after the withdrawal of the forces of Moscow.

Before Vladimir Putin, other Russian officials had denied all exactions of the Moscow forces in Budcha, the Kremlin qualifying "falsification" the body images rushing the streets of this city published since the media weekend.

The war could last "months, or even years" according to the head of NATO

according to the Secretary-General of NATO, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not give up his goal of "controlling the whole of Ukraine "and war is likely to last" months, or even years ". "This is why we must also be prepared in a long course, both with regard to support for Ukraine, the maintenance of sanctions and strengthening our defenses," said Jens Stoltenberg before the beginning of a meeting of foreign ministers of the Alliance.

war in Ukraine. Joe Biden studies the sending of US managers to Ukraine .
© Mandel Ngan / AFP Joe Biden considering the idea of ​​sending high American officials to Ukraine, he announced this Thursday, April 14, 2022. The President American Joe Biden announced this Thursday, April 14, 2022 Study the idea of ​​sending high American officials to kyiv. Some Western leaders have already returned to Ukraine to display their support for kyiv.

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