Canada: Salmonella. The Calendars of the Christmas Advent 2021 are added to the products recalled by Kinder

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Le groupe Ferrero procède à un rappel de calendriers de l'Avent 2021 de la marque Kinder, en raison du risque de salmonelle dans ses chocolats. © Capture of Conso Reminder The Ferrero Group carries out a reminder of calendars of the Advent 2021 of the Kinder brand, because of the risk Salmonella in his chocolates.

Calendars of Kinder Christmas Advent 2021 in turn the subject of a reminder on Wednesday, April 13. Information that comes to reinforce the idea of ​​the presence of salmonella as early as December in Ferrero products. People who still possess these calendars are called not to consume the chocolates there.

New Kinder products are in the authorities' collimator for potentials cases of contamination to salmonellosis . After reminding a huge amount of products in Europe from the Belgian Ferrero factory, these times are the calendars of the Advent sold during the Christmas period 2021 which are concerned since Wednesday, April 13, 2022, reports the Parisian relaying an info from Conso reminder.

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The authorities call consumers who bought calendars not to consume the chocolates there. This is precisely all the calendars of the Advent marketed by the brand, those of 431 grams, 133 grams, 184 grams, 311 grams, 234 grams and 127 grams, list the daily Francilien.

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Although most of these products have been eaten a long time ago and that very few have sold in April, this information brings the idea of ​​the presence of the bacterium from Christmas last. According to our colleagues, these products were already part of the list of reminders issued by the German authorities on April 7th, asking for this late report in France.

As an investigation was opened by Belgium against Ferrero, the NGO Food Watch recently revealed that the company was aware of the presence of salmonelles at least twelve days before the first reminders of products. "As the Easter approach, Ferrero tried to keep his Kinder in his shelves despite the alert. If they had reacted earlier, contaminations would have been avoided ", had felt a manager of the organization.

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