Canada: In the midst of a shortage, Moutarde's harvest promises to be promising this year in Burgundy

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Illustration de la pénurie de moutarde qui touche les magasins d’alimentation français. Cette pénurie est une des conséquences économiques du conflit ukrainien. © Mathieu Pattier / Ouest France Illustration of the shortage of mustard which affects French food stores. This shortage is one of the economic consequences of the Ukrainian conflict.

At half mast in recent years, the yield of mustard seed producers in Burgundy-Franche-Comté has regained pace. But Burgundian production, by far the most important in France, will not be enough to meet the needs of French industrialists, depending on other exporting countries such as Canada and Ukraine. Countries that have hard blows on this market themselves.

who rubs it, pricks himself. A bit outdated, the expression has never stuck so much with the news with the war in Ukraine, and its multiple consequences on the world economic market. Among the collateral victims of the conflict, it served as a surprise: mustard. for several weeks in France, she has vanished supermarket rays.

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and for good reason: the invasion of Ukraine, the fourth world producer of mustard seeds, has completely shaken the market. Especially since Canada, the world's leading exporter, which provides almost 80 % of the seeds used in France, also experiences a drop in its production . The moment, perhaps, to bet on French production?

Good Cru 2022

in Burgundy, some 240 producers engage in the cultivation of mustard seeds. And this year, the Harvesting of Cru 2022 promises to be "correct" , according to Laure Ohleyer, coordinator of the Moutarde sector in the Chamber of Agriculture in Burgundy Franche-Comté. "The harvest will come to an end at the end of the summer, by then we prefer to remain prudent before giving sketches of results" .

If this happy new year was confirmed, the fate would be combined after four complicated years. "Between 2018 and 2021, we were hit hard by climatic vagaries, with a late gel in the spring, hail episodes, and the proliferation of insects that impacted production" , remembers Laure Ohleyer.

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the beautiful spring days have done the business of producers, who count on a yield of 18 quintals per hectare against 10-12 in recent years. "The producers have also been able to rely on new more resistant varieties that are encouraging in the future" , adds Laure Ohleyer. A year without hitchhikes, therefore, which could also "push certain farmers, either to try this culture, or allow some to reconnect with, after having experienced bad experiences" , hopes Laure Ohleyer. A way to stimulate a new dynamic in the sector.

The production has disappeared for decades

because the French sector returns from afar. "For decades, she had completely disappeared , enlightens Luc Vandermaesen, president of the Moutarde de Bourgogne association and director general of the Queen of Dijon industry. She did not return that only thirty years ago. The production of the sector was notably amplified in 2009, at a time of availability problems in Canada declared themselves. Since then, she still seeks to structure herself ”.

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  Ontario farmers say Canada's fertilizer tariff punishes them for Russia's war As the federal government continues its efforts to punish Russia economically for its invasion of Ukraine, Ontario agriculture groups and representatives of Canada's fertilizer sector are warning that cash crop farmers and consumers are the ones bearing the cost. In March, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and International Trade Minister Mary Ng announced that in retaliation for Russia's illegal invasion, Canada was imposing a 35 per cent general tariff on virtually all Russian imports — including nitrogen fertilizer that Eastern Canadian growers rely on to boost crop yields.

In addition to the historic pool in Burgundy, the production of mustard seeds has spread in some territories, as in Charente-Maritime, where the Regional Cooperative of Organic Agriculture (Corab) has revived it. But not enough to play the big arms for the moment. The average yield each year in France fluctuates between 5,000 and 10,000 tonnes, when comparison wheat represents around 50 million tonnes. "Our goal is simply to try to meet the needs of industrialists, adds Laure Ohleyer . "While knowing that local production does not allow to compensate for the reductions in production in Canada for example".

Is the world of mustard optimistic about a return of the product in French supermarkets? "You can't get forward , sweeps Luc Vandermaesen. It all depends on the final harvest that we will have. Depending on this, we will have to make choices ”. Faced with the current difficulty of supplying its customers, Queen of Dijon chose "favoring the French market as far as possible" , according to Luc Vandermaesen, while usually 55 % of the brand's mustards leave at the 'export. "But I cannot tell you if we can eternally hold this positioning" , nevertheless concludes the Managing Director.

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