Canada: Danielle Smith defends sovereignty plan, cancer remarks in UCP leadership debate

Breakenridge: Posturing over a provincial sales tax doesn't solve Alberta's revenue issues

  Breakenridge: Posturing over a provincial sales tax doesn't solve Alberta's revenue issues Being in favour of a provincial sales tax is dangerous politics at the best of times in Alberta, let alone during a race to lead the governing UCP. There was certainly no drama in the lead-up to this race as to whether any candidate might boldly declare their support for the idea. So, to now hear candidates declaring their opposition to a PST just seems like meaningless grandstanding. Why, I bet they also support the oil and gas industry and oppose Justin Trudeau’s policies! The political posturing on display here, though, is a poor substitute for the serious conversation that we keep postponing.

MEDICINE HAT, ALBERTA, CANADA — Danielle Smith, considered one of the front-runners in the United Conservative Party leadership race, faced sharp criticism Wednesday from debate rivals over her Alberta sovereignty plan and controversial comments on cancer.

  Danielle Smith defends sovereignty plan, cancer remarks in UCP leadership debate © Provided by The Canadian Press

Many of the seven candidates, including three who left Premier Jason Kenney’s cabinet to run in the race, criticized Smith’s proposal to immediately bring in a bill to give Alberta the power to ignore federal laws and court rulings deemed not in its interest. 

They said Alberta must push back against the federal government, but said Smith’s plan is not only illegal and unenforceable -- it would also create business uncertainty at a time the province is just getting back on its feet financially.

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“It would be great to just wish away all our problems with this thing called the sovereignty act. We’re delusional if we think that’s going to happen,” former finance minister Travis Toews told Smith at the debate, held in the HALO air ambulance hangar at the Medicine Hat Regional Airport.

“We need a strategic thoughtful approach. That’s how we win.”

Rajan Sawhney, the former transportation minister, said such an act would fail in the courts and bring debilitating economic uncertainty.

Former children’s services minister Rebecca Schulz told Smith, “You are writing cheques you can’t cash and making promises you can’t keep.”

UCP backbench member Brian Jean called the plan “a fiscal fairy tale.”

Smith, a former radio talk show host and Wildrose party leader, rejected the criticism. She said her proposed act can pass legal muster and said it is the federal government that has created uncertainty in Alberta through policies that strangle development of the oil and gas industry.

A list of candidates vying to become United Conservative leader and Alberta premier

  A list of candidates vying to become United Conservative leader and Alberta premier MEDICINE HAT, ALBERTA, CANADA — Seven candidates vying to become the next United Conservative Party leader and Alberta premier are to tackle health, the economy and other key issues in their first debate in Medicine Hat, Alta., on Wednesday. Here is a look at the contenders: Leela Aheer: UCP backbench legislature member for Chestermere-Strathmore. Was member of Kenney's original cabinet as minister for culture, multiculturalism and the status of women. She was removed from cabinet in 2021 after criticizing Kenney's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Promises to restore trust in the party and to work to help the underprivileged.

“Ottawa has created the chaos,” said Smith.

Legal scholars say such a bill is not only illegal it is a dangerous dismissal of respect for the rule of law. Government house leader Jason Nixon and Toews, who has the support of almost half the UCP caucus, have said they doubt the house would even pass such a bill.

Polling suggests Smith, Toews, and Jean are the front-runners in the race that culminates in an Oct. 6 vote to replace Kenney as party leader and premier.

Smith was the focus of criticism from Toews, Sawhney and Jean again during the health policy section of the debate for stating in a recent podcast that responsibility for early-stage cancer is within a patient's control. Patients and health professionals have called that profoundly misinformed and cruel.

Smith told the debate audience her comments were expressed “awkwardly” and that she only meant to say preventive health measures are just one more way to help detect, prevent and combat early-stage cancer.

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“I know cancer can strike anyone at any time,” said Smith.

Sawhney said Smith’s comments ring hollow given she “doubled down” on her initial comments the day after she made them, adding Smith needs to apologize to Albertans.

“Those comments are very hurtful to any Albertan, any Canadian, who has lost somebody from cancer or anybody who is suffering from cancer right now,” said Sawhney.

Smith countered: “When we look at what happened over the last two years of COVID lockdowns, and I haven’t heard any apology from any of the cabinet ministers who imposed that on us for the last two years – I’d like to see an apology there.”

Smith was unable to finish her sentence as she was drowned out by whoops, cheers and applause from the audience.

Sawhney replied, “It’s easy to make those kind of remarks when you’ve never been in government at that capacity and you haven’t had to make those tough decisions.”

The debate also focused on leadership, the economy, and the environment.

Independent legislature member Todd Loewen, expelled from the UCP caucus last year for criticizing Kenney, demanded Toews come clean on whether he would impose a provincial sales tax given that he has previously refused to rule one out.

Toews said he has never considered implementing one.

UCP backbencher Leela Aheer, speaking to the economy, said the government needs to do more for Albertans facing high costs due to inflation starting with re-indexing income supports for those in need.

-- By Dean Bennett in Edmonton

 This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 27, 2022.

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