Canada: Testimony of the DFB women: Popp, Oberdorf and Huth Space

"Finally again in a semi -finals!" -The five best statements after the 2-0 victory against Austria

 After the 2-0 victory against Austria, the best statements of the German team summarize after the game: 1st national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg about the performance of Lena Oberdorf © Mike Hewitt/Gettyimages Martina Voss-Tecklenburg (back) | Mike Hewitt/Gettyimages Lena Oberdorf has proven with such a performance in an EM quarter-finals that she has a big future in front of her.

Anyway, however, the final of the European Football European Championship against England: German women have already exceeded expectations and caused great enthusiasm.

Die DFB-Frauen haben bei der EM die Erwartungen schon übertroffen: Laura Freigang (l) und Linda Dallmann beim Training. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa The DFB women have already exceeded expectations at the European Championship: Laura Freiang (L) and Linda Dallmann during training.

everyone praises the team spirit - but it is also worth looking at the individual players. Before Wembley, they can almost be issued a great certificate from the bank:

top force:

Lena Oberdorf (VfL Wolfsburg): energetic clearer praised with a lot of charisma in midfield and by the national coach. At the age of 20 she has a great future ahead of her.

Popp powers Germany past France, into Euro 2022 final

  Popp powers Germany past France, into Euro 2022 final MILTON KEYNES, England (AP) — Alexandra Popp scored twice to power Germany to a 2-1 win over France on Wednesday and into the final of the European Championship against England. With the game level at 1-1 and both teams missing chances to score, Germany captain Popp leaped above the French defense in the 76th minute to send a bouncing header into the French goal. Popp scored the opening goal for Germany in the 40th but the lead lasted less than five minutes before France equalized. Popp has scored in all five of Germany’s games so far — a new record — after missing the last two European Championships in 2013 and 2017 because of injuries.

Alexandra Popp (VfL Wolfsburg): The captain shone at her first European Championship with six goals in the first five games and again plays at the front. In 2021 it fell out with cartilage damage.

Svenja Huth (VfL Wolfsburg): Turbo corner and preparer on the right wing, who never runs out at 31. Continuously strong as with her club and as a vice captain with a lot of influence.

Reliable size:

Merle Frohms (VfL Wolfsburg): Until the unfortunate own goal in the semi -finals without a goal. Always on the go. Underpinned her position as number 1 and stepped out of the shadow of Almuth Schult.

Marina Hegering (VfL Wolfsburg): After a long downtime at her ex -club FC Bayern, went to the European Championship - and refuted all skeptics. Sovereign defensive chief, only got swimming against France.

Everyone celebrates Popp after the final in the final: "A beast there"

 Everyone celebrates Popp after the final in the final: with the power of captain Alexandra Popp, the German footballers now want to conquer Wembley and even more sympathy at home. © Nick Potts/PA Wire/dpa convinced across the board: Alexandra Popp (M) has already scored six goals. national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg awaits "a great finale" against host England in front of around 90,000 spectators on Sunday. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has also announced himself for this.

Sara Däbritz (Olympique Lyon): Very hardworking in midfield, always playable - although not always noticeable. She is now challenged by her new club, the royal class winner from Lyon.

Kathrin Hendrich (VfL Wolfsburg): established herself as a central defender. Responsible and strong in a duel, also energetic in the semi -finals.

Giulia Gwinn (FC Bayern Munich): As a right -back again with an increase in performance. Could often be solved playfully from narrow situations, with a lot of momentum forward.

Lina Magull (FC Bayern Munich): The playmaker reaches the important leadership goal against Denmark and Austria. An energy bundle. Braked with thigh problems in between.

Felicitas Rauch (VfL Wolfsburg): Before the European Championship, a wobbly candidate, a safe full -back on the left during the tournament. Also made a lot of steam on the offensive.

A bank from the bank:

Linda Dallmann: When she came, the smallest in the team, at 1.58 meters, caused a lot of stir in the opposing defense. Against Finland from the beginning and awarded as a “player of the game”.

EM final 2022: That is why a Gorilla DFB star Alexandra Popp presses the thumb

 EM final 2022: That is why a Gorilla DFB star Alexandra Popp presses the thumb Duisburg-that Germany's flagship footballer Alexandra Popp (31) is particularly well known. © provided by TAG24 Gorilla Boss "Mapema" DFB star Alexandra Popp is particularly firm fingers crossed in the European Championship final against England on Sunday. what few know: The 31-year-old captain of the DFB team has a special friend and fan in the Duisburg Zoo: Mapema, the magnificent head of the Gorilla family, won the heart of dog lover Popp in 2011.

Lena Lattwein (VfL Wolfsburg): A favorite student of the national coach, extremely learning and against Finland from the start in a defensive midfield.

Jule Brand (VfL Wolfsburg): In the semifinals Klara Bühl replaced on the left side of the attack and showed her international class. Also as a quick-term short-term joker usually a win.

Sophia Kleinherne (Eintracht Frankfurt): represented the blocked smoke in the 3-0 against Finland - and even scored the lead. Then added to the replacement role without complaint.

Sara Doorsoun (Eintracht Frankfurt): Before the tournament, considered a string candidate. However, she then convinced as a representative of the suspended Kathrin Hendrich against Finland in central defense.

Nicole Anyomi (Eintracht Frankfurt): Voss-Tecklenburg turns her from the wing striker to the full-back, which gives her some headaches. Nevertheless met and convinced against Finland.

Good Spirit:

Laura Freight (Eintracht Frankfurt): So far only played a quarter of an hour. But takes her “role as a supporter” very seriously and gave a lot of mood from the bank and as a DJ in the cabin.

part-time forces:

Tabea Waßmuth (VfL Wolfsburg): came from the Champions League season with ten goals, but had to pay tribute to the strong competition. Only three short assignments.

Sydney Lohmann (FC Bayern Munich): Was allowed to go three times as a Joker, had a knee luxury in between. Could not show their strong form from the Bundesliga return.


Klara Bühl (FC Bayern Munich): Always dangerous in front of the left. The important leadership against Spain shot very far for their 21. Was missing in the semifinals for a positive Corona test.

Lea Schüller (FC Bayern Munich): The Bundesliga goalkeeper started strongly and scored against Denmark. But then had to go to the Corona quartan and has been out of the stammed since then.

without rating:

Almuth Schult (Angel City FC) and Ann-Katrin Berger (FC Chelsea): The two replacement goalkeepers were the only one in the 23 squad.

"A magnificent EM has ended: How is the women's football going now?" -The European Championship column by Julia Simic .
Julia Simic played a total of 186 Bundesliga games for FC Bayern, Turbine Potsdam, VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg. The former German international was active for West Ham United in the FA Women's Soccer League and a year for AC Milan in Serie A. The 33-year-old works for the DFB as assistant co-trainer for the U17 juniors and works as a TV expert for DAZN, Sky and Magenta Sport.

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