Canada: The Italo Disco is reducing a synth

U2, George Clooney, Amy Grant among Kennedy Center honorees

  U2, George Clooney, Amy Grant among Kennedy Center honorees WASHINGTON (AP) — It's going to be a “Beautiful Day” for the band U2 and four other artists when they receive this year's Kennedy Center Honors in December. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced Thursday that the Irish rock band along with actor George Clooney, singers Gladys Knight and Amy Grant and composer Tania León are being honored this year. The center generally honors five people annually for influencing American culture through the arts. But bands and other groups sometimes get honors, too. Disco-funk band Earth, Wind & Fire was the most recent, in 2019, the year the long-running children's TV show “Sesame Street” was honored.

Sabrina Salerno, chanteuse passée à la postérité avec son «Boys», en février 1988. © Luigi Volpe Sabrina Salerno, a singer spent posterity with her "boys", in February 1988.

if you grew up in the 70s by listening to Dylan, the Stones, Bowie , Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Lou Reed, it is likely that Italo-Disco will tell you nothing. However, when Vamos at La Playa, of Righeira, resounded on the radio, in 1983, it is as if the soil of your aesthetic and political ideals had stolen under your feet. The argument of waves and screens by a dance music dance, vocalized, in addition, in a sabir made from English or Spanish of counter, was just beginning. He culminated in 1987 with Boys from Sabrina: an infernal catchphrase, as inept as thunderous, carried by a clip whose only merit remains to have immortalized the singer fighting with a jersey that exploded under the pressure of her breasts, and D 'Having inspired the consequent masturbations of many adolescents. This "disco spaghetti" made collateral victims to England and the United States: Londoners Pet Shop Boys , with West End Girls, produced by Italian-American Bobby Orlando, to the pioneers of the House Music de Detroit, Inner City, with Big Fun and Good Life. As for our sweet France, she did not wait for the Daft Punk and David Guetta to collaborate, as early as 1984, with the transalpine enemy in the person of Romano Musumarra, producer of very first time of Jeanne Mas and Hurricane by Stéphanie de Monaco.

No, Roller Champions is not canceled

 No, Roller Champions is not canceled © Gamereactor No, Roller Champions is not canceled It is only recently that an assertion was published indicating that Roller Champions could be canceled after his third Season, despite the fact that the game was not released a few months ago, and that it is said that it follows better than hyper scape. This statement has now been refuted by Ubisoft because the publisher shared the following statement.

Harmonic modulation

Did this scourge deserve a documentary and that we shoot down trees to talk about it? Yes, because the Italians and the French sometimes imagine that they invented the lukewarm water, and it is good to remind them that disco was born in the United States, in 1972, simultaneously in its Orchestral version, with songs like Zing Went the Strings of My Heart from The Trammps and Love Train of the O'jays, and in its electronic version with the recovery, by Hot Butter, from the Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley. It remains that an Italian, Giorgio Moroder, actually changed the situation by giving, in his studio Musicland in Munich, the first planetary hymns of Donna Summer: Love to Love You Baby (1975) and, above all, i Feel Love (1977), an improbable marriage in a soul voice and exclusively synthetic sounds, prefiguring today's music. The Academy of Oscars did not take a mistake when it distinguished, in 1979, this self -taught, against Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams, for its BO of Midnight Express, whose main theme, The Chase , was making a misfortune in nightclubs.

Beyonce is in her Renaissance era with 1st studio album in 6 years

  Beyonce is in her Renaissance era with 1st studio album in 6 years Beyonce released her seventh studio album, Renaissance, on Friday. The club-nostalgic blend of disco, dancehall and electronic music runs for 16 tracks, satiating fans of the pop superstar who've been waiting six years for a new record.Beyonce released her seventh studio album, Renaissance, on Friday after announcing the record in mid-June. A club-nostalgic blend of disco, dancehall and electronic music, the hour-long album runs for 16 tracks, giving fans of the pop superstar a bang for their buck.

Radioactive beach

Moroder was not the only one to have been upset by Kraftwerk, the Düsseldorf Pioneer group of the Electropop. The Belgians Telex, the English Depeche Mode, New Order, Imagination, Bronski Beat, Ultravox and Face, and the Italians Claudio Simonetti and Mario Boncaldo then demonstrated it. What revealed, on the other hand, the compilation I-Robots Turin Dancefloor Express published, in 2017, on the Label Opilec Music, is that in the shadow of the Mega Clubs on the Adriatic Coast, which defeated the Chronicle of the late 1970s, like the Altromondo Studios which housed a spacecraft and the Baia Degli Angeli, whose DJ mixed in an elevator allowing to control three floors of dancers, a number of northern Italians produced notable records of electronic and orchestral disco. It was on this double CD that we discovered the Vamos model at the Playa of Righeira, alias Stefano Rota and Stefano Right, which originally sounded New Wave, in line with its text evoking a radioactive beach.

The documentary broadcast by Arte also gives pride of place to their other hit, No Tengo Dineiro, as well as their producers Michelangelo and Carmelo La Bionda, authors of the insidiously funky I Wanna be your lover. Despite questionable historical and sociological assertions, let's therefore salute the efforts of the director Alessandro Melazzini, well inspired to choose the catchy Dolce Vita, from Ryan Paris, sold for 4 million copies in 1983, as a common thread his film. Difficult to resist the synthetic gimmick of this song which recalls the Love Action signed three years earlier by Human League. And even more to the agreements of major sevenths of his refrain, evoking the end of the summer vacation in which one cannot resolve.

The most memorable Agatha Christie adaptations .
Sure, Arthur Conan Doyle gave us Sherlock Holmes, fiction’s foremost detective. However, Agatha Christie gave us multiple notable characters. Like Doyle, Christie has been adapted for TV and film many times over. These are the most memorable.

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