Canada: War in North Kivu: the DR Congo accuses Rwanda of supporting the rebels of the M23

Congo -B.: The head of Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov expected in the fief of President Sassou

 Congo -B.: The head of Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov expected in the fief of President Sassou © AP - Stefani Reynolds Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, July 8, 2022. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is Expected Sunday evening in Oyo, stronghold of the Congolese head of state Denis Sassou Nguesso, 400 kilometers north of Brazzaville, for a two -day visit. This is a visit like no other in this period marked by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. The Congo has always been displayed as a neutral country in this conflict.

Depuis la résurgence du M23, l'armée congolaise a renforcé ses effectifs pour contenir l'avancée des rebelles. © France 24 from the resurgence of the M23, the Congolese army has strengthened its workforce to contain the advance of the rebels.

against who fights the Congolese army in North Kivu? Since the resurgence, last November, of the M23, a predominantly armed group Tutsia however defeated in 2013, the observers wonder. The DR Congo accuses the Rwandan army of supporting the movement and of fighting alongside it on the Congolese soil. False, replies Kigali. The international community remains silent.

On this North Kivu hill, located 3 km from the front line, and 23 km from the border with Uganda, the M23 militiamen hold their positions. "We see them with their weapons, they have 12.7 machine guns," notes a Congolese soldier.

deaths in protests against UN soldiers

 deaths in protests against UN soldiers in protests against the UN blue helmet in the Democratic Republic of Congo have again been riots. The protests against the UN peace mission Monusco are already ongoing the second day in a row. © Moses Sawasawa/AP/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle On the number of victims there is contradictory information. While the government speaks of at least five deaths, the Congolese police report on at least three UN soldiers and seven demonstrators who were killed.

For a month, the Congolese army has strengthened its workforce to contain the progress of the rebels. "The enemy we have in front of us has heavy weapons, mortars, machine gunners ... We too have weapons to defend our positions and prevent them from arriving so far," says Sangwa Muganza, adjutant -Chef of the armed forces of the RD Congo . "We have already managed to repel them twice."

Since The resurgence of the M23 , the Congolese army is surprised to see the militiamen as well armed and equipped. However, the group was defeated in 2013 and then demobilized. For the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo), no doubt: the M23 benefits from the support of neighboring countries, mainly from the Rwanda .

U.S. made 'substantial' offer for Brittney Griner prisoner swap with Russia

  U.S. made 'substantial' offer for Brittney Griner prisoner swap with Russia WNBA star Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia on drug charges since traveling to the country in February.CNN reported that the U.S. offered Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer nicknamed "The Merchant of Death," for the prisoner swap. A prisoner swap freed former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed from a Russian penal colony in April.

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"A war by proxy"

"as we went into contact with the enemy, we realized that it was indeed the Rwandan army which supported this enemy and that the War that the M23 was led to us was only a war by proxy, "said Colonel Guillaume Ndjike, spokesperson for the Sukula 2.

operational sector ten years ago, Rwanda already supported M23 and had been publicly condemned by the UN. Today, the Congolese army also accuses Kigali of intervening directly on its soil and presents what it describes as evidence, like photos of drones showing soldiers advancing in column in the middle of the night, or weapons And equipment found on the battlefield.

At the end of May, two Rwandan soldiers were arrested in North Kivu before being released and handed over to Kigali. Neither the Rwanda ambassador to DR Congo, nor the Rwandan army spokesman wished to answer questions from France 24.

"Any accusation or counter-accusation of this nature can only be verified through of the joint mechanism of extended verification [of the international conference on the Great Lakes region] and not by declarations in the media, "said Brigadier General Ronald Rwinga, spokesperson for the Rwandan army, in a statement.

In their latest report, published in June, UN experts confirmed the presence of Rwandan soldiers in M23 camps in DR Congo, evoking air images and photographic evidence.

DRC: The M23 refutes the conclusions of the United Nations Report .
© AFP - Alexis Huguet This aerial photograph taken on April 1, 2022 shows Mount Sabyinyo, a lair of the armed group M23/Arc, which marks the border between the Republic Democratic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. The M23 refutes the conclusions of the UN report published Thursday, August 4, namely that the rebel movement received support from the Rwandan army on Congolese soil, from November to June. The details of Lawrence Kanyuka, spokesperson for the political branch of the armed group.

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