Canada: The premiums in women's football

Meet the culprits in Jeremy Pruitt's Tennessee football recruiting scandal

  Meet the culprits in Jeremy Pruitt's Tennessee football recruiting scandal Tennessee fired coach Jeremy Pruitt after uncovering serious recruiting violations in its football program. Here's what the NCAA discovered.The university fired Pruitt after conducting its own investigation into the allegations, and reported to the NCAA it had discovered evidence the football program had broken the rules.

The English national soccer team of women wins the final of the European Championship against Germany and thus complete what the men's national team did not succeed in the previous year. It is the first international title since 1966 to go back to the “home country” of football.

Despite the strong performance and positive development in women's football, the prize money at the big tournaments still did not equalize with those of the men's teams. Other sports, such as tennis, are significantly more progressive.

As Statista-Infographik illustrates, the gender-specific wage gap in the current tournaments is enormous. Although the UEFA has doubled the funds that will be distributed to the national teams at this year's euro to $ 16 million, this sum corresponds to less than five percent of the amount intended for men in 2020. The men's European champion alone gets cumulative through all prize money of the group phases and the final victory is more than in the women's money.

Expert: Women in football still disadvantaged

 Expert: Women in football still disadvantaged Women's Football has clearly gained recognition over the past few years. "In the past ten to 20 years, women's football has been a lot more public and sporty than that was previously the case," said Professor Dietmar Hüser from the University of the Saarland of the German Press Agency in Saarbrücken. From equivalence to men's football, however, women's football is still "a good deal away" across Europe. © Privat/Dietmar Hüser/dpa The Saarbrücken Professor Dietmar Hüser.

The FIFA has also announced that it is also significantly increased the prize money for the Women's World Cup 2023. Despite this progress, the sum of around $ 69 million still corresponds to only one sixth of the amount intended for the 2022 men's World Cup in Qatar.

at the international level, things move at least in the right direction, but nationally hang the associations afterwards. Only a few associations strive to close the gender GAP . The pioneer in the premium compensation is the US football association- thanks to the "historical" collective agreement decided at the beginning of the year, the prize money of the men's and women's teams at tournaments in which both participate (e.g. EM and WM), are merged and evenly distributed.

The graphic shows the entire prize money and championship premiums for selected football tournaments.

Preisgeld und Meisterschaftspraemien bei ausgewaehlten Fußballturnieren © provided by Statista prize money and championship praemia for balanced football tournaments

Bobic statements on women's football in TV irritate ARD and ZDF .
Hertha Managing Director Fredi Bobic, ARD and ZDF have gotten stronger investments in women's football. To use the radio contributions, the former international of the “Sport Bild” (Wednesday) said: “For example, it would be an approach to show the Bundesliga games of women at ARD and ZDF in order to make women's football experienced and make a wide range and thus forward bring to." © Soeren Stache/dpa/archive picture Fredi Bobic, sports director of Hertha BSC.

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