Canada: Dryness: The FNSEA alerts on a possible "shortage of milk in the coming months"

shortage of mustard: here is his date of return on the shelves of supermarkets and it will not be in 2022

 shortage of mustard: here is his date of return on the shelves of supermarkets and it will not be in 2022 for several months, the mustard is sorely lacking on the shelves. In question ? A major drought in Canada, a country that provides 80 % of the seeds used in France. When the mustard ... is the product that underwent the strongest shortage on the shelves in June. Since the beginning of the year, mustard has been more and more rare in supermarkets.

because of drought, the animals "which are in the meadows usually in this period, have nothing to eat", explains On Franceinfo Yannick Fialip, president of the FNSEA economic commission.

  Sécheresse : la FNSEA alerte sur une possible © supplied by Franceinfo

"I think that in the coming months, we will have an shortage of milk in France", alerted Friday August 5 on Franceinfo Yannick Fialip, breeder and president of the economic commission of the FNSEA, While the drought affects the almost all of the departments of the metropolis. "To make milk, you need fodder, mainly of Luzerne and corn which have grown little this year," said Yannick Fialip. He also hopes "an increase" of the price of milk paid to producers to "ensure the sustainability of the sector".

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  Provinces demand more control over immigration to combat labour shortage Citing a nationwide labour shortage, several provincial immigration ministers say they want more control over the immigration process, and have sent a letter to their federal counterpart calling for change. Ministers from Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are calling on Sean Fraser, Canada's minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, to allow their provinces to select more immigrants "with the skills they need most" in a letter sent Tuesday night.

Franceinfo: What is the impact of drought for farmers?

Yannick Fialip: We have animals, which are in the meadows usually in this period, which have nothing more to eat. It is necessary to bring fodder stored this spring, which were intended to feed the animals in winter, which is used in July and August.

"We type in stocks. This is something unusual for us. We are very worried about the ability of many breeders to be able to feed their herds throughout the winter of 2022-2023."

Yannick Fialip

in Franceinfo

This important drought, brings together two conditions: a significant rainy deficit and very high temperatures which have had a "hairdryer" effect on the plants that have dried up a lot of plants, especially all that is feed. We were forced to harvest very early, especially corn.

Farmers' president expects below average harvest

 Farmers' president expects below average harvest peasant president Joachim Rukwied due to the dryness in Germany due to the dryness. "We expect a below-average harvest in Germany, a little lower than in the previous year," said Rukwied in ZDF- "Morgenmagazin". © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa Joachim Rukwied is president of the German Farmers' Association. He hoped that it rains and at least the autumn cultures still got the necessary water. The situation is different. «There are regions where decent income could be brought in.

Farmer's Minister Marc Fesneau explained that on aid will require an evaluation after the emergency. Will you need additional state aid?

There is a fund of calamities which helps breeders to be able to have access to aid which would allow them to buy fodder, funded at 50% by breeders and 50% by the State. We must activate it in many departments to give cash to breeders. The most important thing is that there is a better revaluation of prices paid to breeders. The price of milk in France is 20% lower than the price of milk paid to other European producers, especially in Germany and the Netherlands. One of the first measures would be to better remunerate our breeders, which would allow them to have better cash and ensure the sustainability of the sector, because there are big risks that certain breeders decide to decapitalize their livestock in front of this situation.

Are there breeders who have to sell their cattle earlier than expected?

We start to have an influx of animals. We had seen this phenomenon in the spring where we had seen a certain number of mother herd - mothers, who are calves - who had arrived on the market. We have a concern about this fall which will arrive very quickly with breeders who will not have enough food, not enough cash. All the minister's work must be done around this to prevent us from losing the livestock. If you lose the mother livestock, you lose the ability to produce calves for three years. I think that in the coming months, we are going to have a shortage of milk in France. To make milk, you need fodder, mainly Luzerne and corn that have little pushed this year. So we risk lacking milk this fall and this winter.

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