Canada: Variole of the monkey: towards an explosion of cases in France? Why do doctors remain reassuring

Map. Visualize the degradation of drought in France since the start of summer 2022

 Map. Visualize the degradation of drought in France since the start of summer 2022 with Paris and the small crown that joined the list this Tuesday, August 2, all the metropolitan departments are now concerned by vigilance against the drought. Discover the progression of the phenomenon in France since early July, with our animated image. The degradation occurred very quickly. This early August 2022, All the departments of France are affected by the drought vigilance , according to the government site Propluvia , which records the water use decrees.

  Variole du singe : vers une explosion de cas en France ? Pourquoi les médecins restent rassurants © Copyright 2022, will the votive chat in the monkey explode? Since the arrival of the virus in Europe, 2,423 cases have been identified in France, according to Public Health France on August 4. Tension rose from a notch on July 23, when the Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) announced that he declared the public health urgency of international scope

concerning this epidemic. The United States followed by declaring the disease as an urgency of public health in early August. Variole of the monkey: Why the Skatine vaccination in total,

Ten deaths have been recorded in the world since May, including five on the African continent where the epidemic is endemic. "With the increase in the number of cases, there will be mathematically an increase in the number of deaths," warns Eric d'Ortenzio, epidemiologist at Bichat in Paris. The other dead occurred in Spain, Brazil, Peru and India.

The situation worries the public mainly affected until now - Men with multipart -related relationships with men, trans people and sex workers - but does not seem to alarm doctors. "This is an increase in cases, not an explosion [...]. I don't think we underestimate the epidemic, "says Michael Thy, an infectiologist at Bichat Hospital.

Variole of the monkey: Some 14,000 people vaccinated in France

 Variole of the monkey: Some 14,000 people vaccinated in France elected officials and representatives of associations asked on Tuesday the opening of a senatorial commission of inquiry on the management of the epidemic by the government. © supplied by Le Monde A man enters a vaccination center to receive a dose of the vaccine against the variole of the monkey, in Nice, on July 27, 2022. The vaccination campaign against the variolate of the monkey is accelerating in France .

A problem of identification of cases

So why do cases develop so quickly? Eric d'Ortenzio delivers a first element of response: if the virus is not an STI (sexually transmitted infection), contamination is made during skin to skin, mucous mucosa mucosa. Which, a fortiori, is the case during a sexual intercourse. In the audiences where the epidemic is circulating for the moment, track is rather complicated. "Cases often have several sexual partners and this involves problems of contacting contacts," said the doctor. Variole of the monkey: The "New York Post" of Rupert Murdoch creates the controversy

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more, "we have less symptomatic forms with one Skin lesion for example, adds Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, immunologist at Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil. It can promote the spread of the disease because the diagnosis is more difficult ”. No vaccination without prevention To counter the spread of the virus, the three specialists advocate vaccination, of course, but not only. "We are not going to do it only with vaccination, we must strengthen existing prevention messages on targeted audiences to explain the transmission," explains Jean-Daniel Lelièvre. Michael Thy abounds in this direction: "We must do prevention so that it does not extend. But there is no need to worry the population.

This prevention is carried out by associations and public health France with the groups concerned for the time being by the virus. The main objective is to explain the modes of transmission - by contact with mucous membranes, droplets or contact with fabrics like sheets or clothes used by the wearer - but also to strengthen cases.

Would changing how doctors in Canada are licensed help reduce the physician shortage? This MP feels it could

  Would changing how doctors in Canada are licensed help reduce the physician shortage? This MP feels it could Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Marcus Powlowski was in Atikokan, Fort Frances, Rainy River and Kenora to learn about the challenges doctors are facing. A member of the parliamentary standing committee on health, he plans to make recommendations aimed at easing the physician shortage in rural northwestern Ontario and other parts of Canada. Powlowski, an emergency department physician and member of the parliamentary standing committee on health, recently visited Atikokan, Fort Frances, Rainy River and Kenora to speak with doctors about the challenges they're facing.

"The virus is not new, we know it"

"There is no need to be alarmist, adds Michael Thy, the virus is not new, we know it. Indeed, the variole of the monkey appeared for the first time in the 1970s on the African continent. Since then, researchers have detected that the classic smallpox vaccine has been working well to counter the virus. "It is not at all the same epidemic context" that the COVVI-19, continues the infectiologist.

Vaccination against the variety of the monkey: "To block the propagation of the virus, you have to give yourself the means to go quickly"

The virus would also produce few mutations, unlike the COVID-19. “Here, we are faced with a very stable DNA virus, which takes years to mutate. It should not be expected that the virus which is currently present mute significantly during the current epidemic, "says Jean-Daniel Lelièvre.

A scenario is however to be feared: "Reversibility to the animal", explains the immunologist. The vario of the monkey could, in fact, return to the animal and mutate before being broadcast to humans. "This remains a complex and hypothetical process, but it was surely part of the WHO arguments [to declare the maximum alert level]. »

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