Canada: Fire in Gironde: The 361 European firefighters arrived on site

Fire at music pub in eastern Thailand kills at least 13

  Fire at music pub in eastern Thailand kills at least 13 BANGKOK (AP) — At least 13 people were killed and dozens injured when a fire broke out early Friday morning at a crowded music pub in eastern Thailand, police and rescue workers said. Video circulating on social media showed people fleeing the pub while thick black smoke billowed from the door and then the entrance through which people were escaping was suddenly engulfed in flames. Several people's clothing was on fire as they emerged from the pub. Rescue workers said more than three dozen people were injured.

En France, la solidarité européenne s’organise le front de l’incendie de Gironde. Des pompiers allemands, polonais ou encore autrichiens sont arrivés en soutien aux 1.100 soldats du feu français qui luttent les flammes dans la région de Landiras. Au total : 361 pompiers européens et une centaine de véhicules, dont quatre Canadairs. © Laurent Perpigna IBAN / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS via AFP in France, European solidarity is organized the front of the Gironde fire. German, Polish and even Austrian firefighters arrived in support of the 1,100 French fire soldiers who fight the flames in the Landiras region. In total: 361 European firefighters and a hundred vehicles, including four Canadians.

everywhere in France, Some fires are starting to be mastered . The one who touches Jura, where 660 hectares of vegetation have burned, is not yet fixed. In Brittany, nearly 300 hectares of the Brocéliande forest also left for smoke, but the fire was contained at two thirds yesterday afternoon. In Ardèche, another fire launched on Wednesday evening was set. And then, in Gironde, the fire has not progressed for 48 hours. The inhabitants of certain sectors of the Landes municipalities of Moustey and Saugnacq-et-Muret were even allowed to return home last night. The 1,100 French firefighters who are on the ground received the aid from German, Romanian, Polish and Austrian colleagues . In total, ,361 European firefighters are on site , with also four Canadians. Europe 1 met the pilots.

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A precise technical lexicon to exchange

dressed with a navy blue combination and its sunglasses on the nose, Anastasios is preparing to climb aboard its Canadair. This Greek pilot is happy to be able to lend a hand "We feel good because we have the feeling of helping you. It is very important. You see the fires every year in Greece, we see it here at the moment in France, It feels good to be present to help. "

Video: fires: several European countries send equipment and firefighters to help France (Dailymotion)

>> Find Europe morning weekend in podcast and replay here even if it is used to fighting against Very important fires in Greece, this time, he and his colleagues will not be able to fly alone, explains Claire Kowalewski, colonel of firefighters. "A French Canadair will always be the leader of the patrol and will be followed by foreign planes. In fact, the activity of dropping water can be dangerous for the ground troops. Obviously, it is easier in France to have A French firefighter who gives an authorization to drop to the ground to a French pilot. " And to communicate more easily on board planes, French and foreign firefighters use a very precise and English technical lexicon.

Cuba: Last tribute to the 14 firefighters who died in the fire of the oil deposit .
© Yamil Lage Last homage to the firefighters died during the gigantic fire of an oil depot, on August 19, 2022 at Matanzas, in Cuba thousands of Cubans paid a last tribute to the 14 firefighters who died during the gigantic fire from an oil depot on Friday in Matanzas on Friday, 100 km east of Havana. A long line of firefighters, soldiers and simple citizens paraded slowly in front of 14 urns covered with the Cuban flag, in the city museum of the city of 145,000 inhabitants.

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