Canada: The former United Nations Secretary-General at Boutcha


  Today-History-Aug18 Today in History for Aug. 18: On this date: In 1227, Mongol emperor Genghis Khan died. He became one of the most significant and successful military leaders in history. He united the Mongol tribes and founded the Mongol Empire (1206-1368), the largest contiguous empire in world history. He was reputed to have killed 20 million people. In 1587, in Roanoke, N.C., Virginia Dare became the first child born of European parents in the New World. In 1670, Jean Talon arrived at Quebec for his second term as France's Intendant of Justice, Police and Finance in the new colony. Talon conducted the first census in Canada, in the winter of 1665-66.

The former United Nations General at Boutcha to pay tribute to the dead civilians during the Russian occupation. View Onononews

Ban Ki Moon à Boutcha, le 16 août 2022 © Euronews Ban Ki Moon at Boutcha, August 16, 2022

while the explosion of the Russian ammunition deposit made the headlines on Tuesday, the fighting continues in Donbass.

Several residential areas have been bombed in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk ... But no victim is to be deplored. For several days, the front in eastern Ukraine has been frozen. The Ukrainian army still resists the assaults of the Russians, encouraged by rumors of fatigue and massive defection within enemy troops. After months of intense clashes, the separatist forces would be exhausted.

Manchester United sink to new lows: The numbers behind historically bad Premier League form

  Manchester United sink to new lows: The numbers behind historically bad Premier League form Manchester United sink to new lows: The numbers behind historically bad Premier League formDespite the arrival of new manager Erik ten Hag, the Red Devils have failed to show any signs of improvement after a disappointing 2021-22 campaign.

In the occupied territories of the Lougansk region, the Russian authorities distribute drinking water daily, for fear of epidemics.

of the fears too, potential radioactive leaks from the Zaporijjia plant. While the bombings continue around the largest nuclear complex in Europe, the international community remains on alert ... President Emmanuel Macron called on Russia to remove his soldiers from the installation. The UN is asking for immediate access to experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency at the Central.

The former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon found the former Colombian President and Nobel Peace Prize Juan Emmanuel Santos for a surprise visit to the City of Boutcha… They paid tribute to the hundreds of civilians found Dead after the Russian withdrawal at the end of March.

Ukraine: Washington's anger on possible Russian courts in Marioupol .
© Stonger / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP L ES ESS condemned, Wednesday, August 24, the Russia project to organize trial in Marioupol, captured in May, in order to judge Ukrainian prisoners of war, stressing their "illegitimate" character. "These projects in trial are illegitimate and a parody of justice and we condemn them firmly," said the spokesman for the US State Department Ned Price in a statement.

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