Canada: Variole of the monkey. Nearly 2,750 cases were confirmed in France

Return of the heat wave in France ... 2022, year of all records

 Return of the heat wave in France ... 2022, year of all records © AFP - Ludovic Marin A photo taken on the island of Noirmoutier shows the dried salt marshes, August 7, 2022. The third scorching episode Return to the field as of Wednesday in mainland France and the summer of 2022 is already record in number of days of heat wave, which further strengthens an unprecedented drought. The heat wave no longer ends in France.

Un document de Santé Publique France dans un centre de vaccination contre la variole du singe à Paris. © Julien de Rosa / AFP A France Public Health Document in a vaccination center against the variolate of the monkey in Paris.

The variolate epidemic of the monkey continues in France. According to a situation point published by Public Health France this Wednesday, August 17, 2,749 cases were confirmed.

2,749 Cases of Variole of monkey were identified in France on August 16, announcement of public health France in a situation published this Wednesday, August 17 . The previous point, dated August 11, reported 2,673 cases .

As in previous points of situation, most cases are in Île-de-France (1,642 or 60 % of cases), followed by Occitanie (244 cases) and by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region ( 213 cases).

New Brunswick confirms first case of monkeypox in the province

  New Brunswick confirms first case of monkeypox in the province The New Brunswick government said the individual diagnosed with monkeypox, a viral infectious disease, is currently in isolation and is being monitored. “This individual had not recently traveled outside of the province. Public Health contact tracers are working to determine the source of the infection and identify and notify close contacts of the individual," the release read. Monkeypox is a viral infectious disease related to smallpox, from which most people recover on their own after a few weeks, but people can become very sick and could die in some circumstances, according to PHAC.

“All cases identified to date are male adults, except 29 female adults (or 1.1 % women) and 4 children under 15 years of age. Adult cases have a 36 -year -old median age ”, continues Public Health France, which specifies the vast majority of cases concern men with sex with men.

53 cases (3 % of the total) required hospitalization and no death was recorded in France, unlike other countries such as Spain .

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many symptoms

according to contaminated people, the symptoms are diverse . “Among the cases invested, 75 % presented a genito-anal eruption, 70 % an eruption on another part of the body, 76 % a fever and 72 % of lymphadenopathies. Among the cases invested, 74 are immunocompromised (5.1 % of cases that responded); 385 are HIV -positive in HIV (25 % of cases knowing their HIV status) ”, affirms Public Health France.

The next updating of this assessment will take place on Friday August 19, 2022.

As a reminder, While the vaccination campaign continues in chicks , a telephone number, "Monkeypox Info Service", is accessible free from 8 a.m. to 8 11 p.m., at the Green number 0 801 90 80 69.

"Figures and letters": France Télévisions responds to Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat .
© Gilles Gustine / FTV Bertrand Renard, Arielle Boulin-Prat and Laurent Romejko, on the set of figures and letters, in 2016 . the day after Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat press release deploring their "forced" departure from the program "Du figures et des Lettres", France Télévisions reacted, Tuesday August 23, 2022. The group notably evokes the duo contracts and their workload.

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