Canada: Ukraine: Macabre fights and discoveries in the east of the country

Justin Trudeau meets Ukraine’s prime minister in London, discusses Russia’s ‘atrocities’

  Justin Trudeau meets Ukraine’s prime minister in London, discusses Russia’s ‘atrocities’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal met in London Sunday to discuss the impact of Russia's war, according to a new statement. © THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, meets with Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister of Ukraine, at Canada House in London on Sunday, September 18, 2022. Trudeau met with world leaders in London on Sunday, as talk of the economy and the war in Ukraine took their place alongside the sombre preparations for Queen Elizabeth's funeral.

while the annexation referendums of Ukrainian regions largely controlled by Russia end on Tuesday, the fighting continues on the ground. View Ononews

Les forces ukrainiennes ont repris de nombreux territoires dans la région de Kharkiv, grâce à une contre-offensive éclair. © Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP or Licensors The Ukrainian Forces have taken up many territories in the Kharkiv region, thanks to a flash counter-offensive.

Three weeks after a shattering breakthrough in the northeast of the country which allowed them to resume thousands of square kilometers, the Ukrainian forces maintain pressure on the Russian army in the Donbass.

However, the Russian army and the Wagner paramilitary group are still trying to break into Kramatorsk. At least four people were injured in an attack on Monday in a residential area of ​​the industrial city. The roof of one of the buildings was hit, while the balconies and windows of several apartments were broken and fell on the garden and the entrance to the structure below.

As Putin ramps up nuclear threats, how world reacts to ‘sham’ referendums is key: Joly

  As Putin ramps up nuclear threats, how world reacts to ‘sham’ referendums is key: Joly Claiming the territories as part of Russia, many fear, would provide a dangerous pretext for Putin to use nuclear weapons to stop the continued Ukrainian counteroffensive. Your browser does not support this video Joly called the nuclear threats made by Putin amid the counteroffensive in recent days "irresponsible" and "unthinkable," but also warned that "we can't be naive" about the threats. "We have to make sure that we work with allies on different scenarios. We know now that Putin is cornered. He’s cornered and he’s becoming more and more isolated," she said. "At the same time, we have to be very careful.

In the Kharkiv region, to the northeast, which has been widely taken over to the Russians, the Ukrainians now control a large part of the city of Koupiansk, a crucial rail node used before Russia to reapproduce its forces deployed further south . But a narrow strip on the eastern shore of the Oskil river remains in the hands of the Russian forces, preventing the Ukrainians from advancing towards the Louganansk region controlled by Russia.

further south, Ukrainians are now maneuvering in the direction of Lyman, 50 kilometers southeast of Izioum, in the north of the Donetsk region.

Mobilization in Russia, Macabre discoveries in Ukraine

in his daily address to the nation on Monday evening, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has once again criticized the mobilization decreed in Russia.

Russia’s nuclear threats require world to stand strong with Ukraine: envoy

  Russia’s nuclear threats require world to stand strong with Ukraine: envoy A United Nations inquiry into Russian atrocities in Ukraine determined on Thursday that war crimes including rape, torture and confinement of children have been committed. Investigators from the commission, created by the UN human rights council in March, visited 27 places and interviewed more than 150 victims and witnesses. They found evidence of a large number of executions including bodies with tied hands, slit throats and gunshot wounds to the head, Reuters reported, with investigators identifying victims of sexual violence aged between four and 82.

"Despite the obvious absurdity of the war for Russia and the lack of initiative of the occupants, the Russian soldiers are pushed to death by their command, he said. The constant attempts of the Russian offensive on The Donetsk region will certainly remain in the history of wars as one of the most cynical murders of its own soldiers. "

Ukraine survey after the discovery of pits common to Izioum Ukraine: underground prisons discovered in the Kharkiv

region north of Kharkiv, near the border with Russia, Ukrainian forces say they have found a hundred Body on an industrial poultry farming site used by Russian troops to house their tanks before their withdrawal.

Volodymyr Zelenski denounced on Monday the discovery of two new common pits "containing hundreds of corpses" in Izioum, in the eastern province of Kharkiv. After months of occupation, Russian troops were driven from the city a few weeks ago. After the release, a large pit was discovered in a neighboring forest, from where more than 400 bodies have already been exhumed.

Discoveries of common pits and evidence of torture multiply in the region.

Ukraine is gaining ground and resumes 400 square kilometers in two weeks .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs Ukraine has for the first time encrypted this Thursday, October 6, its territorial gains in the south , saying that it has resumed 400 square kilometers in two weeks against Russian troops in difficulty, but who ensured to keep their defense. Ukrainian troops have been on the offensive on all fronts since early September and have already taken up most of the Kharkiv region, in the Northeast, and important logistics nodes such as Izioum , Koupiansk and Lyman .

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