Canada: opposition calls for distribution in the event of a lack of gas

To avoid an earthquake on the energy market, the Germany nationalized the Giant of Uniper

 To avoid an earthquake on the energy market, the Germany nationalized the Giant of Uniper © provided by Tribune on the edge of the precipice since this summer with the stop of gas deliveries of the Russian giant Gazprom, Its first supplier, the Uniper group will go under the fold of the German State. To avoid bankruptcy that would cause an earthquake on the energy market, Berlin will nationalize the gas giant, as announced this Wednesday, Berlin and the Finnish owner of the company, the public group Fortum.

opposition politicians require the Federal Government clarity about the distribution of gas in the event of a deficiency. «The very expensive gas in our storageers must arrive at German consumers in winter. To do this, the traffic light must finally submit a storage plan, »said Union faction vice Jens Spahn (CDU) the" Bild am Sonntag ". "Otherwise full memory weigh in false security."

Fordert von der Regierung einen Ausspeicherplan für eine mögliche Gasmangellage: Unionsfraktionsvize Jens Spahn. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa calls for the government to make a cut -out plan for a possible gas deficiency: Union faction vice Jens Spahn.

The left-wing parliamentary manager Jan Korte said the Funke media group with regard to the government: «The risk of a gas deficiency, despite a well-filling gas storage, cannot be excluded, but according to which criteria the gas should be distributed in the crisis does not say, she does not say . " Instead, decisions with far -reaching consequences for consumers from the Federal Network Agency would be left as an authority.

LPG supplier: Chancellor Scholz concludes deal with United Emirates from

 LPG supplier: Chancellor Scholz concludes deal with United Emirates from as a replacement for the lack of energy deliveries from Russia, Germany receives liquefied gas (LNG) from the United Arab Emirates. During the visit of Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the golf state of the Essen energy group RWE concluded a contract for a first delivery of 137,000 cubic meters LNG on Sunday. It is said to be the first delivery to arrive at the new LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg in December 2022. According to RWE, a memorandum was signed for several years from 2023.

European Energy Market

In the report of the “Bild am Sonntag” report, it is also pointed out that the gas stored in Germany is not only reserved for German consumers and companies, but can also be awarded to Europe -wide corporations that are registered in the German gas market . The highest bid is crucial.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs confirmed this in the matter, but sees no reason for criticism. «This corresponds to the requirements of the European Energy Market. Anyone who demands something else here ignores the European internal market, »said a spokeswoman on request. The gas in the savings basically belongs to the corresponding dealers. "When the levels of filling are reached, you can also sell gas and the sale is usually followed by the highest price range and the most liquid market."

In the European energy market, “mutual solidarity” applies, the spokeswoman continued. Germany uses LNG landing points in Rotterdam in Dutch and in the French Dunkelkirchen - and France had delivered gas to Germany in recent weeks.

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