Canada: Photographed without veil in the restaurant, Donya Rad becomes a symbol of the Iranian revolt

"This generation is ready to die for its freedoms": in France, Iranian students support their country

 © Damien Meyer/AFP Thousands of demonstrators displayed their support for the Iranian people in several French cities. For several days, Iranian students have been on the front line of events that animate the country. The death of Mahsa Amini , 22, arrested on September 13 by the customs police in Tehran, for "wearing the inappropriate veil" , provoked in Iran a wave of unprecedented protest in the country.

The Iranian women are many to be arrested and abused on the sidelines of the demonstrations against the oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Among them, faces are emerging. That of Donya Rad, photographed without hijab at the restaurant, has already marked the spirits.

  Photographiée sans voile au restaurant, Donya Rad devient un symbole de la révolte iranienne © Abaca

Since September 16, the date of the suspicious death of Mahsa Amini , 22, arrested by moral police three days earlier because his hijab was not covering, many voices in Iran and all over the world to denounce the fate reserved for Iranian women.

Among the demonstrators, the young Donya Rad, photographed lunch without a scarf in a restaurant in Tehran, was in turn arrested, announced her sister Dina Rad, on social networks this Friday, September 30.

Canada to sanction Iran’s morality police, individuals over death of Mahsa Amini

  Canada to sanction Iran’s morality police, individuals over death of Mahsa Amini Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced sanctions against Iranian individuals and entities Monday relating to the death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody in Iran. Canada will be placing sanctions on dozens of Iranian individuals and entities, including the country's so-called morality police, after the death of an Iranian woman while in police custody.

A courageous act that has become symbolic

Indeed, appearing on this photo, Donya exposed himself, which alerted the authorities. "Yesterday, after the publication of this photo, the security agencies contacted my sister Donya Rad and asked him to give explanations," his sister Dina reported on Twitter . "Today, after going where he was told, she was arrested. After a few hours of silence, Donya told me during a brief call that she had been transferred to the 209 pavilion of the Evin prison, "she said. This wing of Tehran's prison is renowned for led by the Ministry of Intelligence. "Our family is very worried," added Dina Rad.

The photo where we see Donya Rad, who seems to eat quietly accompanied by a friend (also without scarf) went around the world. The photo capturing the courage of the young woman has become viral, propelling her to the rank of symbol of the Iranian struggle.

On social networks, many Internet users have relayed the cliché of Donya Rad, welcoming his bravery. Some quickly compared this act to that of Rosa Parks, an African-American citizen who has become an emblematic figure in the fight against racial segregation for refusing to give way to a white on a bus in 1955.

The disputes that have occurred since death From Mahsa Amini is violently repressed in Iran, the number of arrests and victims continues to climb:

according to the NGO Iran Human Rights , at least 92 people were killed.

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