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Canada: drivers have to expect more traffic jams at the weekend

Fiona's incalculable cost: Burgeo family shattered by loss of home steeped in 40 years of memories

  Fiona's incalculable cost: Burgeo family shattered by loss of home steeped in 40 years of memories For Dan and June Simms, the value of a home far surpasses its walls, roof and belongings. It's more than the countless hours of toil to build and then expand and then renovate it into the little piece of retirement paradise they had planned for decades. It's the memories that seeped into the walls, the safe haven from anything taking place elsewhere in the world, and the family focal point that was always "home," regardless of how many were living there at any given time. That house, and sense of home, has now been shaken forever due to the force and effect of a storm called Fiona.

, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania start the autumn holidays: Drivers should plan more time around Hamburg next weekend (October 7th to 9th). In particular on the routes to the coasts of the North and Baltic Sea, you have to expect dense travel.

In einigen Bundesländern beginnen die Herbstferien. Das sorgt auf den typischen Reiserouten für erhöhte Staugefahr. © dpa-infographic/dpa-tmn in some federal states the autumn holidays begin. This ensures increased risk of traffic jams on the typical travel routes.

The Alps and low mountain ranges are also popular destinations - also of short vacationers and excursions. The corresponding routes should also be full. The Auto Club Europa (ACE) and ADAC expect viscous traffic.

Celebrity items put up for auction

  Celebrity items put up for auction Celebrity items are often put up for auction in order to raise money for NGOs and foundations, and sometimes they're simply sold to the highest bidder because they're seen as valuable cultural artifacts. David Bowie produced numerous cultural artifacts in his time, and another is making its way into the hands of whoever can afford it. His cream and gold spacesuit from the 1980 'Ashes to Ashes' music video is going up for auction along with other unique props and costumes from music history. It's part of a huge music memorabilia sale held by Propstore Auction. The rare suit is expected to make up to $92,000, but that's a small fraction of the $1.7 million the whole auction is expected to earn, TMZ reports. Click through to see the other celebrity items—from used tissues to kidney stones—for which people have paid eye-watering amounts of money. All amounts in USD.

On Friday, the experts expect a high volume of traffic nationwide. The commuter traffic will be added from the early afternoon - and increases the risk of traffic jams. The main traffic times are between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

in NRW begins the second week of the autumn holidays. The ACE expects the fact that it could be more turbulent around the large airports in the Rhein-Ruhr area in Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as in the Hamburg airport. The advice: Travelers should plan an early arrival at the airports.

The number of motorway construction sites in Germany is currently with 962. Drivers should expect a lot of traffic for the construction sites and bring a lot of patience. The ADAC refers to full closure on the A3, A7, A8, A40, A62, A93. Detours are signposted.

War in Ukraine: Buffer of Russian border combat to flee the

 War in Ukraine: Buffer of Russian border combat to flee the mobilization of border police officers who do not move an ear, if not against money. Several -kilometer traffic jams and changing control points. Cars abandoned by families trying to go on foot: some walk over 30 km to cross border posts in the mountains. Sometimes without water, without food, in an icy cold. A few days ago, in Georgia, it was not even possible to cross the Russian border on foot.

At the weekend, the drivers clubs consider traffic jams and delays to be very likely- especially in front of known construction sites and in the large rooms of Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, but also on the routes of and to the coasts of North and Baltic Sea as well as the following routes (often in both directions):

A 1Köln - Dortmund - Bremen - Hamburg - Lübecka 3frankfurt/Main - Würzburg - Nuremberga 5frankfurt/Main - Karlsruhe - Basel A 6mannheim - Heilbronn - Nuremberga 7hamburg - Hannover - Kassel - Würzburg - Ulm - Füssena 8Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburga 9nürnberg - Municha 23hamburg - Heidea 40essen - Duisburg - Venloa 45dortmund - Gießa 61koblenz - Ludwigshafen - Mönchengladbacha 81heilbronn - Stuttgart - Singena 93rosenheim - Kiefersfeldena95/B2München - Garmisch -Partenkirchen A 99 Some passes can be temporarily blocked due to the weather. The obligation to do winter equipment can also be up to medium layers at any time. The ACE lists this daily in the

Alpine road overview .

The transit traffic is also noticeable on the motorways in Austria and Switzerland. The Tauern, Fernpass-, Brenner, Inntal, Arlberg, Rhine Valley and Gotthard route can fill. Short vacationers and day trippers should also fill the side routes in the holiday regions as in Germany.

If you want to travel to neighboring countries, according to ADAC, you only need to adjust to short waiting times. Particularly frequented are: Suben (A3 Linz - Passau), Walserberg (A8 Salzburg - Munich) and Kiefersfelden (A93 Kufstein - Rosenheim). You can see how long drivers have to wait on the border between Austria and Germany at the Austrian infrastructure company ASFINAG.

Elisa Longo Borghini: “what a woman!” .
Elisa Longo Borghini: “what a woman!”

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