Canada: War in Ukraine: the UN alerts on many cases of torture of prisoners of war in the two

,160,000 km2 of Ukraine will have to be deminated and depolluate

,160,000 km2 of Ukraine will have to be deminated and depolluate © Reuters An Armtrac 400 demining tested by the Ukrainians near Kharkiv. This machine can offset 2400 m² per hour. Reuters/CLODAGH KILCYNE The ammunition not exploded or abandoned in Ukraine, as well as the debris of destroyed equipment, bring risks to civilian populations. We will have to anticipate a titanic site. Among the efforts made by Western countries to strengthen The Ukrainian army is the formation of deminers and specialists responsible for the depollution of the battlefields.

camps based on more than 300 testimonies collected from Russian and Ukrainian prisoners, the UN reports largely widespread.

  Guerre en Ukraine : l'ONU alerte sur de nombreux cas de torture de prisonniers de guerre dans les deux camps © provided by Franceinfo

The abuses are observed on both sides. Many prisoners of war captured by Russian and Ukrainian forces are subject to torture and ill -treatment, including electric shocks, alerted the UN on Tuesday, November 15. "The vast majority [of prisoners of war captured by the Russian forces] that we interviewed told us that he had been tortured and mistreated," reported Matilda Bogner, the head of the human rights supervisory mission in Ukraine.

From their capture, some of the prisoners were beaten. All were then transported to their place of detention, "often in overcrowded trucks or buses", without always having access to water or toilets for more than a day. Upon their arrival in certain places of internment, prisoners of war are subject to "admission procedures", according to the testimonies collected by the UN, during which they went to tobacco in a prolonged manner, threatened, attacked by dogs or undressing.

War in Ukraine. Current cuts, Ukrainian troops towards Kherson… The point on the night

 War in Ukraine. Current cuts, Ukrainian troops towards Kherson… The point on the night © Hannibal Hanschke / EPA-EFE of the Ukrainian soldiers enter a trench on the front line in the north of the region of Kherson, in Ukraine, the 7th November 2022. this Monday, the national operator of the electricity network in Ukraine said that new power cuts were expected. Especially in kyiv. On the front, several sources specify that Ukrainian troops are massaging around Kherson. Back on the events that marked the night from Monday from 7 to Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Summary executions on the Ukrainian side?

The UN also received "credible allegations" of summary executions of Russian prisoners of war captured by Ukrainian forces and several cases of torture and ill -treatment. "The prohibition of torture and ill -treatment is absolute, even in period of armed conflict," said Matilda Bogner during a videoconference from kyiv. She recalled that the two countries left for the third Geneva Convention, which sets the requirements relating to the treatment of prisoners of war.

The UN mission interviewed 159 prisoners of war (including 20 women) held by Russia and its affiliated armed groups, and 175 prisoners of war (all men) held by Ukraine. The UN benefited from unhindered access to the places of internment of prisoners of war controlled by the Ukrainian government. Despite her requests, she still has not obtained confidential access to prisoners of war interned by Russia. However, she was able to speak with Ukrainian prisoners of war who were released.

War in Ukraine: Kherson evacuated and Russia, touched by explosions, strengthens its border .
"20 minutes" takes stock for you every evening on the progress of the conflict in Ukraine © Bernat Armangue/AP/SIPA Ukrainians climb aboard the Kherson -Kiev train at Kherson station in the south of Ukraine, Monday, November 21, 2022. Récap ' - "20 minutes" takes stock of you every night on advance From the conflict in Ukraine Do you missed the latest events on tensions in Ukraine ? Do not panic, 20 minutes takes stock for you every night, at 7:30 p.m.

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