Canada: Serial bombings on kyiv: the Ukrainian presidency deplores a “critical”

Ukraine: Kherson, without water or electricity, sees the fights approaching

 Ukraine: Kherson, without water or electricity, sees the fights approaching © Alexander Ermoshenko in the streets of Nova Kakhovka, about fifty kilometers from Kherson. The Ukrainian army is getting closer. Lost at the very beginning of the war for the benefit of the Russian forces, the city of Kherson, in the south of Ukraine, seems little by little to return in the hands of Kyiv , which led several strategic offensives this weekend -End in the surroundings. According to the Kremlin army, Kherson is "without electricity or water" after a Ukrainian strike this Sunday.

Quelques jours après le retrait des forces russes de Kherson, et en plein sommet du G20 en Indonésie, la capitale et d'autres villes ukrainiennes ont été la cible d'une centaine de nouvelles frappes russes. © Reuters/Gleb Guarantich

situation a few days after the withdrawal of the Russian forces from Kherson, and in the G20 summit in Indonesia, the capital and others Ukrainian cities were the target of a hundred new Russian strikes.

During a television address, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force said that "about" 100 missiles fell on the Ukraine on Tuesday, affecting many essential energy infrastructure. "About 100 missiles have been drawn (...) From the Caspian Sea, the Rostov region (Russian)", but also "from the Black Sea," said Iouri Ignat, quoted by the France-Presse agency. Before specifying "that in this stage, the use of attack drones has not been recorded". These strikes targeted kyiv and his region, as well as those of Kharkiv, Poltava, Mykolaïv, Dnipropetrovsk, Jytomyr, Khmelnytskyï, Lviv, Belgorod Cherkassy, ​​Odessa and Chernihiv. The bombings follow the withdrawal of Kherson Russia and the western shore of the Dniepr river last week.

War in Ukraine. Current cuts, Ukrainian troops towards Kherson… The point on the night

 War in Ukraine. Current cuts, Ukrainian troops towards Kherson… The point on the night © Hannibal Hanschke / EPA-EFE of the Ukrainian soldiers enter a trench on the front line in the north of the region of Kherson, in Ukraine, the 7th November 2022. this Monday, the national operator of the electricity network in Ukraine said that new power cuts were expected. Especially in kyiv. On the front, several sources specify that Ukrainian troops are massaging around Kherson. Back on the events that marked the night from Monday from 7 to Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

At least one person died after the attack on three residential buildings in the capital, according to the mayor of kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko. He said these buildings were in the Pechersk district, a residential area north of the presidential administration. Two other people died under the shots in the city of Chebekino, according to the governor of the Belgorod region, Viatcheslav Gladkov.

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7 million private electricity households from the wave of impacts, generalized power outages are reported throughout the country. "More than seven million households are now cut off from electricity," after 15 energy facilities across Ukraine have been damaged, the deputy chief of the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Kyrylo Tymoshenko said on social networks. "Our electrician engineers now do everything they can to reconnect the power supply as soon as possible," he added in comments relayed by the France-Presse agency.

Russian removal from Kherson. Is it a defeat for Russia or a trap?

 Russian removal from Kherson. Is it a defeat for Russia or a trap? © Reuters "It is not the enemy who withdraws, it is the Ukrainians who hunt the occupier by paying the price," said President Volodyr Zelensky, , on Thursday evening, Announcement of the withdrawal of the Russian forces from Kherson, doubt persists.

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offensive a revenge?

The bombings took place while the leaders of the G20, gathered in Bali, accentuated

the pressure on Russia to put an end to the war in Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Andriy Yermak said that these attacks were a revenge, orchestrated in response to the speech of Volodymyr Zelensky at the G20 on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the Ukrainian president had thus called for the great powers to support his country to end the war according to his conditions. The main one being that the Russian troops leave all of Ukraine, including the territories annexed since 2014.

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