Canada: London: Russia moves air landing for the Donbass

Arctic power play: High north and high stakes

  Arctic power play: High north and high stakes As climate change reshapes our planet, the geopolitical landscape is also changing. In Canada’s north - the melting ice has led to a power play for influence and resources.The sixty-five crew members and sailors with the Royal Canadian Navy, were on board HMCS Margaret Brooke, one of six new icebreaker ships in Canada’s Arctic fleet. They travelled through some of the earth’s most unforgiving waters at the northernmost edge of North America.

Russia, according to the British assessment, has moved large parts of its air country units to Eastern Ukraine. Potential areas of application are the defense positions in the area around the cities of Swatowe and Kreminna in the Luhansk area or the ongoing Russian offensive against the city of Bachmut in the Donetsk area, the Ministry of Defense in London announced, referring to secret service knowledge.

Russische Luftlandetruppen beim Besteigen eines Flugzeugs (Archivbild). © Russian Defense Ministry/Tass/dpa Russian air landing troops when climbing an aircraft (archive picture).

In September and October, the troops were used to defend the Dnipro river in the South Ukrainian area of ​​Cherson.

War in Ukraine: The battle for Bachmut

 War in Ukraine: The battle for Bachmut For days, Ukrainian and Russian troops have been fighting bitterly for the city in Donbass. Why Bachmut is of strategic importance for both sides. © Libkos/dpa devastated landscapes: a Ukrainian rocket launcher at Bachmut. The battle for Bachmut The current pictures from Bachmut are reminiscent of recordings from the First World War: soldiers who are completely covered with mud. Rifle trenches in which the water is ankle. Forests that have given way to burned tree stumps.

Some of the strongly weakened air landing units (WDW) were filled with mobilized reservists according to British information. "Although this poorly trained staff will water down the supposed elite skills of the WDW, Russia will probably still assign these units to sections that are considered particularly important," said London.

The Russian air landing troops are considered an elite unit and represent their own troop genus of the armed forces. At the beginning of the war against Ukraine, they were to conquer the capital Kyiv together with Bodentruppen nine months ago.

The British Ministry of Defense has published daily information on the course of the war since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, citing secret service information. In doing so, the British government wants to counter the Russian representation and keep allies on the shelf. Moscow accuses London of a targeted disinformation campaign.

Ukraine: Wladimir Putin relies on the war tiredness of the West .
despite the military successes of Ukraine when recapturing its country, the doubts about further support grow in the west. In surveys, more than half of the Germans state that they want more diplomatic efforts. Weapons deliveries to Ukraine support fewer and fewer people - they prefer to talks peace. And only 42 percent of Germans believe that Ukraine will win war against Russia, 40 percent do not count on it.

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