Canada: who will win the Goncourt of high school students 2022? Answer this afternoon in Rennes

Rennes. Their country has known the war, they testify to

 Rennes. Their country has known the war, they testify to © Ouest-France Yannick Kamanzi, Rwandan, is part of the Rado Live team the succession TNB festival. With Radio-Live-la notes, Aurélie Charon invites young people around the world, to testify to their lives, their hopes, their heritage. Yannick Kamanzi 25, Rwandan tells, like Inès, the Bosnian, Hala, the Syrian. “Rwanda is a precious country. He suffered so much, you can only love him. He was damaged, traumatized, but he made the decision to get up and fight. To live.

Le jury lycéen avant que la porte se referme pour les délibérations à huis clos © Ouest-France The Lycéese jury before the door closes for the Deliberations on camera

four novels remain in the running. Proclamation of the name of the winner of the 35th Prix Goncourt des Lycéens this Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 12:45 p.m.

The high school jury (ten girls, two boys) entered into deliberation this Thursday, November 24, 2022 in the morning. Four novels are to decide between: The artificial links of Nathan Devers (Albin Michel), Beirut-sur-Seine, Sabyl Ghoussoub (Stock), his favorite, Sarah Jollien-Fardel (Sabine Wespieser) and the little liar of Pascale Robert-Diard, (the iconoclast).

Les quatre romans qui restent en lice © Ouest-France The four novels that remain in the running

last year, it was Clara Dupont Monod who won the prize. His novel adapt, which tells of the arrival of a disabled child through the reactions of the siblings, had enthusiastic high school students.

Paris lost 10,000 first degree students in two years

 Paris lost 10,000 first degree students in two years © Franck Fife/AFP of students in a primary school in Paris in May 2020. The city of Paris finally lost 4,100 primary students at the start of the school year , a drop adding to that of 6,000 students recorded in 2021 and which is explained half, according to the town hall, by moves. The drop in Parisian school demography continues. After an unprecedented decrease of 5 % in 2021, The public and elementary staff of the capital again melted 3.6 % in September, to count now 108,500 students, agains

created in 1988 in Rennes, and organized by the Ministry of National Education and Fnac, with the agreement of the Goncourt Academy, this price gives the opportunity to almost 1,500 high school students each year France, in general, technological or professional section, to immerse yourself in reading the novels selected by the Goncourt Academy.

L’ensemble du jury, dix filles deux garçons, devant la mairie de Rennes, ce jeudi. Ils proclameront le nom du 35e Goncourt des lycéens à 12 h 45 © Ouest-France The entire jury, ten girls two boys, in front of the Rennes town hall, this Thursday. They will proclaim the name of the 35th Goncourt of high school students at 12:45pm

Rennes. Our four ideas for outings for this weekend of December 3 and 4 .
© Amnesty International Rennes/Dr The thirtieth edition of the Art and Crafts Show for Rennes groups in Amnesty International is opening up this Saturday, December 3. This weekend, Noël settles in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) with many activities but that's not all. The editorial staff spotted four ideas for cultural outings for you. 1. The Art et Crafts Salon of Amnesty International this weekend takes place The thirtieth edition of the Art et Crafts Salon of Amnesty International Rennes .

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