Canada: IFO business climate increases - pessimism noticeably leaves the mood in the German economy according to

Senator wants to lock up climate activists for a long time as a precaution

 Senator wants to lock up climate activists for a long time as a precaution Berlin Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) has called for climate protection demonstrators to be able to lock up for longer than before. "In Berlin, a person can be cared for a maximum of 48 hours in police custody," said Spranger on Tuesday at RBB-Inforadio. She would welcome an extension. "But you would have to change the corresponding law in the House of Representatives." Spranger declined a regulation like in Bavaria. "I find 30 days constitutionally questionable." © Fabian Sommer/dpa/Archive pictu

unexpectedly improved in November. At the previous month, the IFO business climate rose by 1.8 points to 86.3 points, as the Munich IFO Institute announced on Thursday. In addition, the value for the previous month was revised. Accordingly, the most important German economic barometer had already increased in October for the first time since May.

Container auf einem Gelände im Hamburger Hafen. Laut Ifo-Institut hat sich die Simmung in der deutschen Wirtschaft wieder deutlich verbessert. © Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa container on a site in the port of Hamburg. According to the IFO Institute, the simulation in the German economy has improved significantly again.

"The companies were less satisfied with the ongoing shops, but pessimism with a view to the coming months was noticeable," commented IFO President Clemens Fuest. The recession should be less deep than many expected.

Climate Changed: Limited transportation infrastructure facing threats in the North

  Climate Changed: Limited transportation infrastructure facing threats in the North YELLOWKNIFE — Andrew Arreak says travelling on the ice — the main highway in Canada's Arctic — provides access to the land and food, connects communities and is part of Inuit identity. But climate change is making ice travel less predictable. "I'm noticing that the ice is forming a little later each year and breaking off a little earlier each year," said Arreak of Pond Inlet, Nvt. Arreak is one of many Indigenous northerners finding ways to adapt. He works with SmartICE, an organization that integrates Inuit traditional knowledge with modern technology to better inform decisions on ice travel in several northern communities.

Economists expected a better corporate mood in November, but had only assumed 85 points. In the past few months, inflation and problems with supply chains had burdened the mood indicator, which is based on a survey of around 9,000 companies. For the index, the mood is compared with the average of 2015.

mood brightens on

The companies surveyed brightened their current business situation in November a little worse than in the previous month. The decisive factor for the overall better business climate was the expectations: the corresponding index rose to 80 points of 75.9 points in October.

The mood improved in all areas of the economy, but especially in industry and in the service industry. "The recession loses its horror," commented chief economist Ulrich Kater from Dekabank. He expects uncertainty about energy supply and thus the concerns about production will decrease in the coming months. However, German companies faced long -term challenges, said Kater.

his Commerzbank colleague Jörg Krämer referred to the Federal Government's relief package and that the risk of a lack of gas has dropped significantly. "I unchanged a recession, but more than ever no economic collapse."

traffic lights want to prevent rip-off for energy prices .
In the case of gas and electricity price brake, excessive tariff increases for customers are to be pushed forward. For this purpose, price increases are to be banned by the end of 2023 - unless the provider shows "that the increase is objectively justified," says the Federal Government's draft laws that were brought into the Bundestag.

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