Canada: After the attack and the covid, the Strasbourg Christmas market wants to share "Magic"

Showmen in front of the Christmas business

 Showmen in front of the Christmas business A truck drives the containers dressed with wood and with a tap, counter and sink in the early morning to downtown Dortmund. With a heavy construction crane, Rudi Isken and around half a dozen helpers build up the two -story mulled wine stand. "So far everything is going according to plan," the 49-year-old calls through the rain and the darkness, while he pushes heavy wooden blocks under the foundation of the stand.

  Après l'attentat et le Covid, le marché de Noël de Strasbourg veut partager © AFP/Archives

"p Artageons magic": shaken by an Islamist attack then the health crisis, the Christmas market From Strasbourg launches its 452nd edition on Friday, borrows sobriety and in search of processing.

Until December 24, 2.5 million visitors are expected to wander in the aisles and in the places of the Alsatian capital.

"More than 1,000 people" will be mobilized to ensure the safety of "Christmas capital", the official name of the event, announced the prefecture.

"It is for us a major concern that security is at the heart of the festivities", notably insisted Josiane Chevalier, the prefect of the Bas-Rhin, four years after the Islamist attack which had left five dead in the city center .

prices for Christmas trees remain stable

 prices for Christmas trees remain stable For this year the Christmas tree producers expect stable prices for Christmas trees. The prices are likely to move in an area of ​​20 to 27 euros per running meter for the Nordmann fir, said Benjamin Schneebecke, first chairman of the Natural Christmas tree association based in Moisburg in Lower Saxony. © Frank Molter/dpa Every year around 27 million Christmas trees are sold in Germany.

Six mobile forces units will notably be deployed as well as a team formed "in mass killings", the authorities revealed.

On the health side, the constraints are considerably reduced compared to last year, even if the prefecture still recommends the port of the mask. Systematic control of the health pass in certain spaces has been abandoned.

According to hoteliers and restaurateurs, cited by the local press and elected officials, this edition may well be that of the recovery, with reservations at the highest, while 2021 had recorded a frequentation of 25% compared to at 2019.

In search of authenticity

The SNCF thus added 40,000 additional TGV tickets to Strasbourg during the Christmas market period, an increase of 15% compared to last year.

Advent mood in Eisenach: The first Christmas market opens

 Advent mood in Eisenach: The first Christmas market opens After two years of pandemy -related restrictions, the Thuringian cities attract again with pre -Christmas booth magic. As the first Christmas market in the Free State, the in Eisenach opened on Monday. As early as the morning, according to the city administration, a number of visitors used the scent of mulled wine and roasted almonds to stroll through the Christmas market. © Monika Skolimowska/DPA central picture/ZB/Symbol image Mulled wine cups are on a stand on a Christmas market.

The organizers estimate economic benefits at 250 million euros for the territory.

About 300 chalets will allow young and old to marvel at Christmas fairy or eat.

For this second edition managed by the environmental municipality (after a cancellation in 2020 due to pandemic), the team of mayor Jeanne Barseghian, which claims a quest for authenticity, ignited the oppositions after the escape of a list of prohibited or sold products "subject".

Among the banished or on bail of this inventory at the prevert, let us quote the tartiflette, the umbrellas, or the crosses of Jesus Christ .

After an arrest of the mayor of Reims , Champagne finally had the right of city in the chalets. The organization also finally explained that these new standards would only really apply from the 2023 edition.

Grand Sapin

in its desire to bring up to date the event, the municipality has also installed a jury Citizen made up of 50 Strasbourg from all horizons, in order to make the Christmas market "more united" and "more responsible".

"Dutch princess Alexia in therapy after drama"

  "Dutch princess Alexia in therapy after drama"

His recommendations could be applied there too during the next edition.

The assistant in charge of the festivities, Guillaume Libsig claims that the city is not "an open supermarket (...) with objects sold elsewhere of the year".

The inauguration will take place at 7:00 p.m. Friday on the essential Place Kléber, at the foot of a large fir tree about thirty meters high.

This symbol of the festivities will be completely extinguished this year between 01:00 and 05:00, announced the town hall, in the name of energy sobriety.

More generally, the city provides for a 10% drop in market energy consumption compared to previous years as well as a 20% reduction in the "light" number.

The new law prohibiting heating outdoors will also require the jackets to be covered well, since they will no longer be able to heat their chalets, whose external lighting must also be extinguished at 8:00 p.m. at the time of closure of the Christmas market.

Finally, Place Grimmeissen, the offering market launched in 2016, will once again welcome visitors in search of second -hand and will honor players in the social and solidarity economy in a setting of maritime containers.

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