Canada: Thanksgiving is this Thursday: here is what you need to know about this emblematic celebration in the United States

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Joe Biden, graciant une dinde à la Maison Blanche, le 21 novembre 2022. © Saul Loeb / AFP Joe Biden, climbing a turkey in the White House, November 21, 2022. Americans celebrate this Thursday, November 24, 2022 Thanksgiving. We tell you everything you need to know about this iconic celebration of North American culture. In Europe, we especially know this typically North American party that is


through TV series or thanks to social networks. However, we don't know much. So, while the Americans are, on Thursday, November 24, busy celebrating it, we take stock of what this celebration is.

A tradition dates back to the 17th century

according to American tradition, Thanksgiving celebrates the donations of food received by the pioneers who, in 1621, landed in the United States, after a trip to the famous Mayflower.

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These donations are the work of Aboriginal people who, after having seen winter decimate half of the settlers in the Mayflower, decided to help them in the spring.

In thanks, the pioneers gave them a meal, on which

appeared an

turkey. The latter has become the symbol of this Thanksgiving festival (which could be translated very literally by "thank you for the gift"). Corn, pumpkin or cranberry are also part of the imagery of this celebration.

As the magazine Recalls ç

was interested in , it was in the 1860s that Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday, a few decades before Franklin Roosevelt definitively fixed it in the 4th Thursday in November. of all order

celebrations every year, Thanksgiving is the subject of a large number of celebrations, symbolic or not. This holiday is first of all an opportunity for American families to meet around a meal (and around a turkey, necessarily).

The President of the United States has the tradition of granting the


to a turkey, thus sparing it to finish in a dish of resistance. In addition, parades are also organized in many cities.

The concept of Black Friday, this day of great commercial discount, is also linked to Thanksgiving, since it is automatically fixed the day after this party.

Not that an American party

note that Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in the United States. Canada celebrated it in early October. Liberia celebrated it in early November.

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