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Canada: Knowledge: What vaccinations do you need?

Health insurance: Implementation in children by pandemic

 Health insurance: Implementation in children by pandemic In North Rhine-Westphalia, significantly fewer children and adolescents have been vaccinated in Corona pandemic than in the past. Compared to the pre-pandemy year 2019, there was a decrease of 13 percent in 2021, the health insurance company said DAK-Gesundheit in Düsseldorf. The third largest German health insurance company compared the vaccinations based on the data of 142,000 insured children and adolescents in NRW. Around 187,000 fewer girls and boys were vaccinated in NRW 2021 in NRW 2021.

What vaccinations you need is important to know to protect yourself from dangerous diseases. In Germany, the constant vaccination commission, STIKO for short, pronounces recommendations for vaccinations in the inner country.

Welche Impfungen man braucht, hängt von Alter, Gesundheitszustand und Aufenthaltsort ab. © Imago Images / Martin Wagner Which vaccinations you need depends on age, health and location.

A distinction is made between the recommended basic immunization, the respective refresh vaccinations, special vaccinations for risk groups and individual recommendations for trips abroad. However, not all vaccinations are taken over by the health insurance company.

Recommended vaccination: The basic immunization in childhood

Some diseases are particularly dangerous for adolescents. Others are easily transferable and can therefore pose a danger for other people.

Omicron changed the course of the pandemic 1 year ago and still dominates. What’s next?

  Omicron changed the course of the pandemic 1 year ago and still dominates. What’s next? On Nov. 24, 2021, a group of scientists in South Africa alerted the World Health Organization to a concerning new COVID-19 variant the world would come to know as Omicron.In November 2021, the Toronto-based critical care doctor had just experienced the toll COVID-19’s Delta variant could have on the human body. However, something told her that health-care workers weren’t done with the pandemic yet.

The STIKO has given some recommendations for vaccinations that are particularly important and should be administered in childhood. Here she speaks of basic immunization. These vaccinations are usually taken over by the health insurance companies .

A vaccination obligation only exists in measles. The measles protection law requires that children must have received complete vaccination against measles before entering a community facility.

The recommended vaccinations include:

Diphteria Tetanus Poliomyelitis (People's Paralysis) Infection with Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (HIB) pertussis (whooping cough) hepatitis B measles, mumps, rubella (mmr) varicelles, pneumococcal infection meningoccalcoccal C-infection

HPV (Humanes Papillom virus)

More than 2,000 wild species face a high risk of being wiped out in Canada, report warns

  More than 2,000 wild species face a high risk of being wiped out in Canada, report warns A newly released report on the status of wild species in Canada has cataloged more species than any previous report — roughly 50,000 — and warns more than 2,000 of them face a high risk of being wiped out in the wild. The Wild Species 2020 report, compiled by researchers working for the federal, provincial and territorial governments, says it has delivered "the most complete understanding we have ever had on the status and distribution of wild species in Canada." "A crucial step in preventing species loss is to identify which species exist, where they are found, and their status.

Individual recommendations for vaccinations and times

If you are not sure which vaccinations you already have or you need, you should always see medical advice. There can be special needs if you work in the medical field or a community facility.

Even if

travel abroad outside Europe, additional vaccinations are recommended depending on the destination. On private trips, the costs of a vaccination usually have to be borne.

Your vaccination status during an

pregnancy becomes particularly important, since another living being should be protected. The STIKO recommends complete basic immunization, including all refreshments, even before the start of pregnancy. In the meantime, an vaccination against flu , whooping cough and tetanus is recommended.

The same applies if you have so far

unasprised . Which vaccinations have priority, the order or the general recommended vaccinations are then discussed individually with your doctor.

Court intervenes after baby’s parents refuse ‘vaccinated blood’ transfusion .
The New Zealand High Court has ruled that a six-month-old baby will be taken under the guardianship of health authorities so he can receive a life-saving operation. © Greg Bowker/Getty Images File - A view of the Auckland High Court. His parents had been unwilling to proceed with the surgery over concerns he would receive "vaccinated blood," and were seeking a court order for their baby to receive blood from unvaccinated donors.

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