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Canada: Bundestag commemorates the victim of the Holodomor: The suffering from then and today see

Hard exchange of blows to the government course in the Bundestag

 Hard exchange of blows to the government course in the Bundestag opposition and government have had a tough exchange of blows in the general debate in 2023. While Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) was convinced in the Bundestag on Wednesday that Germany was "crisis -proof and winter festival", Union and Left accused him of reaction to the energy crisis too hesitantly. There was also a dispute against strengthening the Bundeswehr against the background of the Ukraine War: CDU parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz accused Scholz here of the broken word.

The Bundestag is reminiscent of the victims of the famine brought in by Stalin in Ukraine and thus sends an important signal towards Kyiv.

Das Holodomor-Denkmal in Kiew © Photo: Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko The Holodomor monument in Kyiv

Only a few Germans can do something with the term Holodomor . The Ukrainian word stands for "killing through hunger". Around four million Ukrainians fell victim to a horrific famine in 1932 and 1933, which had been brought about by the Soviet government under Josef Stalin.

It was on the one hand the consequence of the forced collectivization of agriculture with an unfulfillably high delivery rates. On the other hand, the Soviet management was also concerned with suppressing the Ukrainian national consciousness. Ukrainian intellectuals were persecuted during this time as well as farmers who are supposed to resist collectivization.

children's stations at the stop: Karl Lauterbach wants to suspend personnel borders in the hospital

 children's stations at the stop: Karl Lauterbach wants to suspend personnel borders in the hospital . Health Minister Lauterbach advises telemedical advice - and wants to relieve the hospitals at short notice. © Stefanie Loos/ AFP in all of Germany are only 83 intensive care beds for children, dozens of clinics have to reject sick children. The reason: many children are currently falling ill. The infect wave has started earlier when in the past few years and it is far from climax, as experts warn .

Ninety years later, the Bundestag now commemorates the victim of the Holodomor and is concluded with the assessment that this crime is to be regarded as genocide. Ukraine has been waiting for this step for a long time. The parliaments of several other countries have already done this.

Now it could be objected that the Bundestag should deal with the crimes committed by Germans in Ukraine and other countries. There is still a lot to do in their processing. Because how much Ukraine was at the center of National Socialist annihilation policy was hidden in the public debate in Germany for a long time, Soviet victims were simply equated with Russian.

six years ago, the Bundestag also recognized the genocide of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. The application for the Holodomor, supported by the SPD, the Greens, FDP and Union, underlines that the German past derives a special responsibility to “identify and work on human crimes”. Unfortunately, the Stalinist crime is not possible in today's Russia.

The decision of the German Parliament sends a signal to Ukraine, which suffers from the Russian attack war. The Bundestag thus shows that in Germany people's suffering is perceived in Ukraine - the then and today.

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