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Canada: Chad faces this year the worst floods in its history

Storm Denise. Orange vigilance for strong wind lifted in Corsica-du-Sud

 Storm Denise. Orange vigilance for strong wind lifted in Corsica-du-Sud © Pascal Pochard-Casabianca/AFP of the waves in Ajaccio (Illustration Photo) Météo-France raised this Tuesday evening November 22 Orange Vigilance strong wind Corsica-du-Sud, but important gusts should still be observed in places on the Mediterranean island. Winds from west to northwest in the department of Corsica-du-Sud have gradually lost their strength and are no longer an orange vigilance.

Des habitations touchées par des inondations à Ndjamena le 18 octobre 2022. © AFP - Denis Sassou Gueper of the dwellings affected by floods in Ndjamena on October 18, 2022.

Chad has faced since the start of the rainy season never equaled floods. A United Nations document speaks of 18 of the 23 provinces of the country impacted by this phenomenon, which is due to global warming. The consequences are catastrophic for the population.

At the height of the floods on October 22, the water level was up to 8.9 meters. It is more than a meter compared to the record level recorded in 1961, unheard of the memory of Chadian. The consequences are also just as catastrophic, according to figures made public by the United Nations.

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Some 166,000 households, more than a million people who live in 18 of the 23 provinces in Chad, have been affected by these floods due to the abundant rains recorded this year, as well as to the overflows in particular of the logone rivers and Chari they caused.

In total, 636 localities were affected, some of which have completely disappeared, dozens of houses were completely destroyed, almost half a million agricultural land was ravaged, some 20,000 cattle heads carried away by the waters this year. "The situation is catastrophic for populations who were already faced with chronic food insecurity," deplored a Chadian framework.

For a week, a slow decline has been observed in the country, but hundreds of thousands of people are still grouped on dozens of sites in the capital Ndjaména and in the most affected provinces, Mayo Kebbi, the Western Logone, the tandjilé or the mandoul.

These victims are missing everything today. Less than 30%, of the US $ 70 million necessary to deal with this crisis have already been funded to date.

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