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Canada: Uniper: At the end of 2022, the first LNG-Gas could flow over the new

Ukraine accused by Gazprom of flying gas to Moldova

 Ukraine accused by Gazprom of flying gas to Moldova © Kacper Pempel Russia was the first EU gas supplier before Moscow's military intervention in Ukraine in February. (Illustration) Reuters/Kacper Pempel/Photo File The Russian giant Gazprom threatened on Tuesday to reduce its gas deliveries to Moldova by accusing Ukraine of siphoning the gas pipeline which transits on its territory . According to him, Ukraine illegally accumulated 52.5 million cubic meters of gas in November by "violating" part of the deliveries.

LNG-Agricultural terminal

in Wilhelmshaven via Wilhelmshaven. This is what the Uniper energy company expects - when the weather is playing. "If things go well, the first gas will flow this year," said Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach on Wednesday in Düsseldorf.

Wilhelmshaven: Ein Kran steht vor dem Anleger für das LNG-Terminal auf einer Plattform in der Nordsee © dpa Wilhelmshaven: A crane stands in front of the investor for the LNG terminal on a platform in the North Sea The special ship for regasification will come to Wilhelmshaven, after previous planning, and then be able to feed gas into the system at the end of the year. The first LNG tanker will then come "in the best case" in mid-January.

Uniper built and operates the terminal with the support of the federal government. The heart of the landing terminal is the special ship, the so -called "Floating Storage & Regasification Unit" (FSRU). The actual liquid gas tankers hand over their freight to this ship, which puts it back into a gaseous state and pumps on land. (dpa)

Trump's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad campaign kickoff .
The former president's self-inflicted political wounds are only matched by the growing intensity of his legal headaches.Conservative firebrand Nick Fuentes has had dinner with, posed for pictures alongside, and welcomed on stage at least a half dozen Republicans since becoming a star of the white nationalist movement.

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