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Canada: This pop star becomes the successor to Bernhard Brink

Carson Jerema: David Lametti couldn't care less about your Emergencies Act questions

  Carson Jerema: David Lametti couldn't care less about your Emergencies Act questions The Liberal government has had nothing but contempt for the public inquiry into its use of the Emergencies Act last winter, and Attorney General David Lametti’s testimony on Wednesday offered nothing to convince Canadians otherwise. Instead of elucidating the decision to invoke the act and claim extraordinary emergency powers amid the Freedom Convoy protests and blockades, Lametti repeatedly claimed attorney-client privilege and avoided answering questions. The client, of course, isn’t some mob boss Lametti is protecting, it’s the Government of Canada.

in MDR Show

This pop star is the successor to Bernhard Brink   Dieser Schlagerstar wird der Nachfolger von Bernhard Brink © t - Online

after five years, Bernhard Brink stops as a moderator at "The Schlager of the Month". Now the broadcaster has found replacement - and for him the job is new territory.

2018 Bernhard Brink flicker over the screens for the first time with "The Schlager of the Month". On the MDR program, the 70-year-old presents the top 50 of the German hit charts once a month. But after five years it ends. Bernhard Brink stops and hands over the moderation of the ranking show to another pop star.

successor for Bernhard Brink found

for a long time was rumored who will take over the show. Now Florian Silbereisen announced the successor at the "Advent Festival of the 100,000 Lights". From January, the format will be moderated by a woman: Christin Stark is the new moderator of "The Schlager of the Month".

"Marienhof" star Viktoria Brams' daughter died: "Pain was too big"

 with "Bild" speaks actress Viktoria Brams about a difficult stroke of fate: the loss of her daughter. Daughter Viviane († 52) died in May last year, but the death of the 52-year-old has only now become public. Now the "Marienhof" star tells of her daughter for the first time: "The last three weeks I have been next to her and accompanied her to death." © Schneider Press/Erwin Schneider "Marienhof" star Viktoria Brams with daughter Viviane Victoria Brams: "My son Patrick and I were non-stop with

  Dieser Schlagerstar wird der Nachfolger von Bernhard Brink © t - Online

"I was of course great, super surprised when the MDR called me and told me that I was allowed to moderate this great show," she said on Friday evening in the show of the "dream ship" captain. "I'm also totally excited at the same time because I have never done it before."

"I am very grateful that I get this chance"

for the 33-year-old it is the first moderator job. Otherwise she is on stage as a musician, performing her songs in various shows. Nevertheless, the MDR thinks that it is the right one for this task. "I am very grateful that I get this chance." She will now "practice, practice, practice".

Christin Stark was already on stage as a child. In 2013 she released her first album. At some point Matthias Reim also became aware of the singer. They worked together, fell in love and became a couple. In the meantime, the two have been married and since March a daughter's parents.

The "Damn, I love you" interpreter will support you in your new job. "Matthias was also delighted for me when I found out," said the 33-year-old. In January the first edition with Christin Stark as a moderator.

Syria: Two Daesh leaders killed in an American raid .
© - The operation would have been carried out in cooperation with elements within the Syrian democratic forces (FDS, dominated by Kurdish fighters), in Al -Zor a village from the province of Deir Ezzor. Drawing. Albaraka News/AFP The United States continues its interventions in the Middle East. Two leaders of the Islamic State jihadist group (IS) were killed in an American forces raid in eastern Syria, the US military command for the Middle East (Centcom) announced on Sunday.

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