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Canada: Germany provides for an increase in the number of Ukrainian refugees in the coming weeks.

War in Ukraine: what must be remembered from Tuesday November 29

 War in Ukraine: what must be remembered from Tuesday November 29 Vladimir Putin wants to use winter as "a weapon of war", denounced the secretary general of NATO, on the sidelines of a Meeting of foreign ministers from member countries of the Atlantic Alliance. © supplied by Franceinfo "p read quickly, faster and faster." Ukraine called on Tuesday, November 29, NATO member countries to accelerate the delivery of weapons and electrical equipment to Ukraine.

Archive - Incendie dans un centre de réfugiés en Allemagne - Jens Büttner/dpa © supplied by News 360 Archive - Fire in a refugee center in Germany - Jens Büttner/DPA

The German government provides for a new peak of Ukrainian refugees in the coming weeks, while the frosts spread in the controlled areas by kyiv in the west of the country.

The German ambassador to the United Kingdom, Miguel Berger, complained that Russian attacks on the energy supply of Ukraine will force a new exodus of the population due to the icy temperatures, he declared to Sky News.

"We expect new arrivals in the coming weeks," he said.

One million Ukrainians have fled to Germany since the start of the war, according to the latest figures, in a context of enormous social pressure: the authorities have recorded 65 attacks on refugee housing since the start of the year , or a significant increase compared to 2021.

Not everyone thinks Canada’s new immigration plan will grow the economy the way it should

  Not everyone thinks Canada’s new immigration plan will grow the economy the way it should Researchers say current labour shortages mean Canada needs to stay competitive when seeking out newcomers. It may also require rethinking who qualifies as an “ideal” immigrant. “When we think about immigration in Canada, we’re a little bit greedy,” said Howard Ramos, a sociology professor at Western University.“Canadians can’t take it for granted that we’re the only country in town people want to come to.”Canada’s population is shrinking — at least it would be were it not for immigration. This has huge implications for the Canadian job market.

A recent survey conducted by the national broadcaster Ard revealed that the concerns relating to immigration had increased during the past year within the German population: 53 % of people Questioned are concerned about the arrival of too many people in Germany, an increase of 11 % compared to September 2021.

according to the British broadcaster, the inhabitants of the capital, kyiv, say they have been deprived of 'Electricity for 33 hours in a row in recent weeks.

"I can put my things outside and they freeze at any time. We are in the 21st century, here, in a European capital. It is the winter that we have to cross," deplored Ilias Verdiev, a resident.

War in Ukraine: "explosions" in kyiv after an attack on drones .
© Gian Marco Benedetto / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP k IEV woke up under the sound of explosions on Wednesday, after what Ukraine described a new Russia drone attack. Volodymyr Zelensky quickly indicated that his armed troops had managed to destroy the entire swarm of drones launched once again against energy infrastructure. The Ukrainian president welcomed the effectiveness of his anti -aircraft forces, saying that all of the 13 Iranian manufacturing drones Shahed had been shot.

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