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Canada: Permanent damage to Corona vaccination: There are so many cases in the north

Knowledge: What vaccinations do you need?

 Knowledge: What vaccinations do you need? What vaccinations you need is important to know to protect yourself from dangerous diseases. In Germany, the constant vaccination commission, STIKO for short, pronounces recommendations for vaccinations in the inner country. © Imago Images / Martin Wagner Which vaccinations you need depends on age, health and location.

Hannover/Bremen-since the start of the vaccinations against the Coronavirus almost two years ago, 15 vaccination damage has been recognized in Lower Saxony. Case.

Wer einen dauerhaften Schaden durch eine empfohlene Impfung erleidet, hat Anspruch auf Versorgung. Lino Mirgeler/dpa © Lino Mirgeler/dpa If you suffer permanent damage through a recommended vaccination, the right to supply is entitled. Lino Mirgeler/dpa announced the responsible authorities on request. Accordingly, 386 applications for recognition of vaccination damage in connection with Corona vaccinations were made in Lower Saxony at the responsible state office for social affairs, youth and family.


Bremen , according to the social department at the Office for Supply, received 38 applications by the end of October. Anyone who suffers permanent health damage through recommended vaccination is entitled to care according to the rules of the Federal Pension Act. For this, the health disorder must be recognized as vaccination damage.

Guangzhou loosens after new violence Corona measures

 Guangzhou loosens after new violence Corona measures China's leadership seems to be at least careful to the mass protests - as the authorities' approach in the metropolis of Guangzhou shows. However, everything remains verbally in the red giant. © Reuters The picture taken from a video shows advancing security forces in Guangzhou The South China City of Guangzhou with its more than 15 million inhabitants has loosened the Corona regulations. The district government said this.

The applications only make up a fraction of the total vaccinations administered. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), around 19.3 million vaccinations have so far been administered in Lower Saxony, 1.8 million in Bremen. Around 6.4 million Lower Saxony are vaccinated at least once. There are around 621,000 in Bremen.

The asserted health damage is diverse, according to the authorities. Accordingly, the range ranges from general weakness, concentration disorders, insomnia, migraines and painful redness to strokes and pulmonary embolism.

In Bremen, three applications were made by bereaved. The Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs cannot provide any information as to whether those affected or surviving people submitted the applications.

Measles vaccination rates in Canada have decreased, PHAC says amid global concern

  Measles vaccination rates in Canada have decreased, PHAC says amid global concern There are currently no active cases of measles in Canada but the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted vaccination programs in the country. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) says it shares the concerns raised by international health experts this week of the renewed risk of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases among children.

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In Niedersachsen sind bislang rund 19,3 Millionen Impfungen gegen das Coronavirus verabreicht worden. Robert Michael/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa © Robert Michael/DPA central picture/dpa in Lower Saxony has so far been administered around 19.3 million vaccinations against the coronavirus. According to the authorities, Robert Michael/dpa central picture/dpa is sufficient if a causal connection between vaccination and the damage is "likely". So it does not have to be proven that the damage can only have occurred from the vaccination.

"It is first checked whether there is a close time connection between the first occurrence of a health disorder and vaccination," said a spokesman for the Bremen social department.

In addition, doctors evaluate the health data and scientific studies. They also check whether a health disorder in humans occurs more often after vaccination than in humans without vaccination.

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As the main reason for the rejection of the applications, the Lower Saxony State Office states that relationships between vaccinations and the asserted health disorders mostly lack. In some cases, applications would also be rejected, since documents or reports were missing, the Bremen social authority said. A total of recognized vaccination damage, for example, is low. There are currently 15 cases in Bremen in which vaccine damage is recognized. In nine cases of this, vaccination is more than 40 years ago. In Lower Saxony, 15 applications were last submitted before the Corona pandemic in 2019, none was approved.

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